How to Make Fillable PDF Forms from Word Documents

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Learn how to actually make a fillable PDF from a Word document with fillable form fields preserved, 2 easy methods are provided.

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Make Fillable PDF Forms from Word

Make Fillable PDF Forms from Word

While Microsoft Word allows you to insert fillable form fields from developer options, these fillable areas will be lost after the Word document is converted to the PDF format.

On this page, you’ll learn the methods to make fillable PDF forms from Word that actually work.

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Short Answer

❌It’s not possible to directly make fillable PDF forms from Word.

Microsoft Word only helps prepare the necessary details such as underscores for horizontal lines, you still need a dedicated PDF editor software for inserting fillable form fields.

Make a Fillable PDF from Word with Adobe

The professional PDF editor Adobe Acrobat offers robust features for Word-to-fillable PDF conversion, like automatic detection of potential form fields, easy editing tools, and secure distribution options.

It reliably preserves the layout and formatting from Word to PDF and offers advanced editing and customization of form fields.

To get started, download Adobe Acrobat from its official website and install it on your computer. Please note that you need a paid subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro for this.

Step 1. Prepare the Word Document

Open Word and create a new document. Type out the details of your form. Use underscores or other methods to create lines or spaces where you want fillable fields.

Prepare the Word Document

Prepare the Word Document

Step 2. Save as PDF

Once you’re satisfied with your Word document, save it as a PDF. Go to File > Save As, then choose PDF as the file format.

Save as PDF

Save as PDF

Step 3. Open in Adobe Acrobat

Right-click on the saved PDF file and select Open With > Adobe Acrobat.

Open in Adobe Acrobat

Open in Adobe Acrobat

Step 4. Prepare the Form

In Acrobat Reader, go to the toolbar and select Tools > Prepare Form. Acrobat will scan the document and automatically create fillable fields where it detects horizontal lines.

Prepare the Form

Prepare the Form

Step 5. Create and Edit the Form

You can add, edit, or delete fields as needed using Acrobat’s form tools.

Create and Edit the Form

Create and Edit the Form

Step 6. Save the PDF Form

Once you are done, save your form by clicking File > Save As, and choose your desired location to save the form.

Save the PDF Form

Save the PDF Form

Make a Fillable PDF from Word Online

Creating fillable PDF forms from Word documents using PDFgear is an online, accessible alternative to software-based methods like Adobe Acrobat.

PDFgear allows users to upload PDFs and add editable form fields directly within a web browser, without software installation. Moreover, it provides basic form field customization, including text fields and checkboxes, and is suitable for quick, convenient, and basic form creation.

Step 1. Create a new Word document and prepare your form, ensuring all the necessary content and layout are in place. Then save the Word document as a PDF.

Prepare Form in Word

Prepare Form in Word

Step 2. Open your web browser and navigate to PDFgear Online PDF Form Filler.

Step 3. Click “Select PDF file” to upload your saved PDF form.

Upload Form to PDFgear

Upload Form to PDFgear

Step 4. Once uploaded, select “Add and Edit Form Fields” A toolbar will appear for editing.

Step 5. Choose the field type (e.g., fillable text field, checkbox) and click on the document where you want to add a form field. Adjust the size and properties as needed.

Insert Fillable Form Fields

Insert Fillable Form Fields

Step 6. Double-click on each form field to customize its properties, such as field name, default value, formatting, and validation. Confirm by pressing ‘OK’.

Edit PDF Form Properties

Edit PDF Form Properties

Step 7. After adding and editing form fields, click “Save” to finalize the document.

Step 8. Lastly, click “Download” to obtain your newly created fillable PDF form.


Can I create a fillable PDF form directly from Microsoft Word?

No, you can’t. While you’re allowed to create form fields using the “Developer” tab in Word, and then save or convert to PDF, most Word form fields will be lost after the Word document is converted to PDF.

How do I add form fields to a PDF converted from Word?

After converting to PDF, use a PDF editor like PDFgear and Adobe Acrobat to insert and customize form fields. This involves selecting field types and positioning them on the document.

Can I use Adobe Acrobat to make a Word document fillable?

Yes, Adobe Acrobat can convert a Word document to a fillable PDF by automatically adding interactive fields after conversion, providing advanced form creation capabilities.

Is it possible to create a fillable PDF form online without downloading software?

Absolutely, online tools like PDFgear allow for creating fillable PDFs directly in a web browser, facilitating easy conversions without needing software installation.

Can fillable fields in Word be automatically converted to fillable fields in PDF?

Direct automatic conversion is limited. While some fields may transfer, they often require manual adjustment in a PDF editor for optimal functionality.

What are the limitations of converting Word documents to fillable PDF forms?

Limitations include possible inconsistencies in layout and field functionality, dependence on specific software for editing, and sometimes a need for manual adjustments in the PDF format.


In conclusion, Adobe Acrobat is ideal for users seeking a robust, feature-rich solution and who don’t mind a software subscription.

On the other hand, PDFgear caters to those preferring a free, online tool for quick and basic form needs.

Choosing the right method depends on your requirements for form complexity, software accessibility, and budget, make sure to follow the tutorials and have a try!

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