How to Make a Fillable PDF With Adobe Step by Step

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In this post, you can know the easiest way to create a fillable PDF using Adobe, as well as a free way to fill a PDF. Let’s dive in.

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Fillable PDF forms make filling out information quicker and avoid the need to type everything again. You get to decide what details go in and how they show up on the form.

Adobe offers a hassle-free solution to create a fillable PDF form. In case you get unfillable PDF forms, we will also show you an easy and free way to fill a PDF. Let’s get started!

Detailed Guide to Create a Fillable PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the best PDF viewers, editors, and converters. When used to make a fillable PDF with Adobe, it has tools to add text fields, radio buttons, and checkboxes to make the PDF fillable. Within the text field Adobe created, you can input any words you like. As for the check box, you can tick or cross the box. The radio button means being able to select a specific value from multiple options.

Next up, follow us to make a fillable PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1. Launch Adobe Acrobat, and go to Prepare Form on the right-side panel. If it is not here, type Prepare form in the search bar.

Prepare Form in Adobe Acrobat

Prepare Form in Adobe Acrobat

Step 2. Choose the document you want to work on and hit start. The program will try to find the fields you need to fill.

Step 3. Include text fields in the form for simple data entry. Adjust the properties and layout of these fields.

Add and Customize the Text Field

Add and Customize the Text Field

Step 4. Add checkboxes to the PDF to allow selection from different options. Then, modify the look of the form fields, like changing the font size, text color, and alignment.

Bonus Tip: How to Fill a PDF Form for Free

Now you must have known how to make a fillable PDF. However, you might still get unfillable PDFs in the future. In case that happens, we introduce you to PDFgear, a PDF editor working across Windows, Mac, and iOS.

There are two reasons that make PDFgear the best PDF editor to help you fill out a PDF form. Firstly, PDFgear is powered by AI OCR which turns a scanned document into an editable PDF. Secondly, filling out a form with PDFgear is completely free. No matter how many PDFs you want to fill, you will not be charged. Let’s see how to fill a PDF form with PDFgear.

Step 1. Download PDFgear and launch it by following the prompt. Click on Open Files, and find a PDF from a local folder.

Open a PDF with PDFgear

Open a PDF with PDFgear

Step 2.  Go to Form, click on Add Text to introduce a new text field, and then enter any text you like. Change the font and text size you like. If necessary, you can also insert a check box, or list box in just one click.

Fill a Form in PDFgear

Fill a Form in PDFgear

Step 3.  Close the PDF. Confirm to save the changes you made with PDFgear.


1. How to Create a Fillable PDF From an Existing PDF Document?

Step 1. Go to the Tools tab, then choose Prepare Form.

Step 2. Pick a file, such as a Word document, Excel sheet, or a scanned paper. Acrobat will check your document and put in form fields.

Step 3. Include fresh form fields and names if required.

Step 4. Modify the layout using the top toolbar and tools in the right pane.

Step 5. Save your PDF document that you can fill in.

2. How to Convert an Adobe PDF to an Editable PDF?

To make a PDF editable, open your PDF file in PDFgear. Next, click the “Edit” tab in the top menu bar, where you’ll find various editing options. Utilize these editing tools to add new text, modify existing text, or adjust the font and font size from the drop-down menu.

3. Why Is My PDF Form Not Fillable in Adobe?

Ensure that the security settings permit form filling initially. At times, form creators may overlook converting their PDFs into interactive forms, or they might intentionally design a form intended for manual completion.

4. What Is the Best Free Tool to Fill a PDF Form?

The best program to create a fillable PDF form is definitely PDFgear. First, it is free to download and use any tools in PDFgear. Secondly, it is easy to create a fillable PDF form with PDFgear. The clear interface never confuses its users.


You now have learned how to make a fillable PDF with Adobe. The whole process is simple but requires a subscription. If you receive an unfillable PDF in the future, PDFgear makes it easy to fill a PDF. By the way, you can enjoy the power of AI to summarize your PDF, translate PF, and more at PDFgear.

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