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Enhance your PDF editing on iPhone and iPad: unlimited, watermark-free & AI-driven.

PDFgear for Ios PDFgear for Ios

Next-Level PDF Editing on iPhone and iPad

Beyond basic text and image editing, PDFgear for iOS unlocks other advanced capabilities, allowing you to easily read and edit your PDF documents on your iPhone and iPad.

AI-Powered PDF Read & Analysis

Harness the power of AI with PDFgear to analyze and summarize your PDF content on your Apple mobile devices. Leverage ChatGPT technology for quick overviews, extracting key points from lengthy documents, helping you understand your PDFs’ core concepts and details in just moments.

AI-Powered PDF Read & Analysis

AI-Powered PDF Read & Analysis

Streamlined PDF Annotation

Streamlined PDF Annotation

Streamlined PDF Annotation

Elevate your PDFs with intuitive annotation tools in PDFgear on iPhone and iPad. Effortlessly highlight, underline, or strike through text, and add comments for collaborative reviews. This makes annotating documents simpler and more efficient than ever.

Seamless Page Management

Rearrange, delete, or add pages to your documents with a few taps. Whether you're compiling reports or reorganizing study materials, PDFgear provides a hassle-free experience, ensuring your documents are always in perfect order.

Seamless Page Management

Seamless Page Management

Effortless Form Filling & Signing

Effortless Form Filling & Signing

Effortless Form Filling & Signing

Easily fill out forms, add checkmarks, and insert your digital signature. Ideal for professionals and students alike, this feature simplifies administrative tasks and contract signing, making it a breeze to handle forms and agreements digitally.

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Your Questions are

Your Questions are Answered

What is the best free PDF editor for iPhone?

For basic PDF editing on iPhone and iPad, the inbuilt file management app Apple Files should suffice. But if you’re looking for more advanced PDF editing like signing on PDF, organizing PDFs, and filling out PDF forms, your go-to app is PDFgear for iPhone, which is completely free to use.

What does the PDFgear app for iPhone and iPad do?

The PDFgear app for iPhone and iPad allows you to do various things including reading, editing, converting, OCR, annotating, organizing, compressing, bookmarking, and printing PDF documents.

Is the PDFgear app really free?

Yes, while some of our users find it surprising, the PDFgear app is actually free to use, and there are no premium versions or paid features and such. Your kind sharing and shout-out are our best reward.

Is there a free PDF editor for iPad without watermark?

Yes, there is a free PDF editor for iPad that allows you to edit PDFs without adding a watermark. PDFgear for iOS is one such option. It offers a range of editing features like text modification, image insertion, and annotation without imposing watermark restrictions on your documents. This makes it a convenient choice for users who need to edit PDFs on their iPad without compromising the document's appearance with unwanted watermarks.

Is PDFgear for iOS safe and trustworthy?

PDFgear for iOS has garnered high praise on the App Store. Additionally, it is frequently discussed on platforms like Reddit, where it receives positive feedback for its functionality and user-friendly experience. For more detailed reviews and user experiences, you can visit our review page >>

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