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Edit PDF Like Word

Adobe PDF isn’t perfect, the editing of PDF documents on Windows has always been an issue. Using the integrated OCR feature and graphic editing model, PDFgear helps edit text/shapes/images in PDF as if it’s a Word document.

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Batch Mode Supported

Working efficiency matters for Windows users, and improving productivity is one of PDFgear’s primary goals. Using the Batch mode to conduct multiple standard workflows simultaneously, such as PDF conversions, compressions, splitting, etc.

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Free OCR on Windows

PDFgear Desktop for Windows is one of the not many free OCR software on the market. Convert scanned documents or image-based PDFs to editable PDFs or Microsoft Word for free, and 30+ languages are supported.

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Secured PDF Experience

PDFgear for Windows safeguards PDF sharing and collaborations with complete security features: strongly encrypted password protection, electronic signatures of legal compliance, flattening to apply restrictions, etc.

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Why Choose PDFgear Over Adobe Acrobat for Windows

PDF Editor Price PDF Conversions Batch Mode Annotate PDF Edit PDF Like Word ChatPDF
PDFgear Free 50+ conversions supported supported supported supported
Acrobat Pro DC US$19.99/mo 60+ conversions supported supported not supported not supported

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