How to Print PDFs and Double-Sided PDFs on a Mac

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PDFs are known for maintaining document formatting across devices, but managing them can be tricky. Are you seeking ways to easily print as PDF on Mac? There are several options available to help you master this task.

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How To Print a PDF on Mac

How To Print a PDF on Mac

Printing a PDF file is the best way to help you retain the original layout of the document. In fact, the concept of printing to PDF may not necessarily actually print a page but simply save a document in PDF format. Of course, there are instances where you actually print a PDF document. Let us check out a few good options to help you how to print to PDF on Mac.

How To Print a PDF on a Mac: Step by Step

If you are checking out the options available for how to print as PDF on Mac, PDFgear PDF printer is the best option that you would want to go with. It offers you a simple one-click operation to print images and documents to PDF. You can print a PDF from various file formats like Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, and more by simply converting them to PDF using PDFgear.

Here is how you can print PDF on a Mac using the PDFgear desktop app:

Step 1: Download and install the PDFgear Desktop app

Go to the official download page of PDFgear and download the app on your device. Install by following the instructions.

PDFgear Desktop
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Step 2: Open a PDF in PDFgear

Click on the Open File button on the PDFgear app and browse for your files. Select one and open it with PDFgear.

Open PDF File in PDFgear Desktop

Open PDF File in PDFgear Desktop

Step 3: Print your PDF document

On the top menu bar, click the ‘Print’ button to open the Print dialog box. Review the print settings on the dialog box, adjust them according to your preferences, and then click ‘Print.’ Ensure that you have chosen the right PDF printer installed on your computer.

Print a PDF in PDFgear

Print a PDF in PDFgear

If you have a PDF document with comments to print, just simply select the check box for printing annotations.

To use the Batch print option, access it in PDFgear’s Print menu. When in the Print dialog, select Batch Print, followed by adding PDF files and choosing the batch you intend to print.

Batch Print PDF Files

Batch Print PDF Files

How To Print a Double-Sided PDF on a Mac

PDFgear Desktop also provides the option to print double-sided PDFs on Mac. However, using a Duplex printer is recommended for an easier process. Non-duplex printers can also be used, but manual paper flipping is necessary.

Here are the steps to print a double-sided PDF on Mac using PDFgear.

Step 1: Import the file into PDFgear

We have already downloaded and installed PDFgear in above method. Click on Open File and browse for the file you want to print. Add it to PDFgear desktop app.

Step 2: Print the Document

Click on Print on the top menu bar. In the Printer Settings dialog box that appears, check the box for Print on both sides. Once that is done, click on Print. 

Print Double Sided PDF on Mac

Print Double Sided PDF on Mac

Depending on whether your printer is duplex or not, your PDF document will be printed on both sides of the paper automatically, or you will need to turn the paper and feed it back into the printer.

The steps are similar; you just need to click on ‘Batch Print‘ if you’re looking to print multiple pages of a PDF document.

How To Print PDFs in Preview on Mac

If you are on Mac, Preview is a powerful built-in feature on Mac that lets you open files on your device and manage them. It is one of the excellent tools for handling your PDF files in one of the best ways. It can help you by letting you comment, encrypt, and sign PDFs.

Here are the steps you can use for printing PDFs in Preview:

Step 1: To open the PDF file with preview, you have to Go to the PDF File, Right Click on it >> Open With >> Click Preview.

Open a PDF with Preview

Open a PDF with Preview

Step 2: The file will be opened in the Preview App. Now go to File Menu and click “Print”.

Select the Print Option

Select the Print Option

Now, as you click Print, the Print Window will open. You can select the settings, and again Click Print to Print the PDF.

Print PDF on Mac Preview

Print PDF on Mac Preview


Why can’t I print a PDF on Mac?

If you cannot print a PDF on a Mac, you may need to reset the print system. Go to the You can follow the path Finder > Apple Menu > System Preference > Printers&Scanners > Control + Click in the left side printer list > Reset Print System. You will need to enter your printer once done.

How do I add multiple pages to a PDF on a Mac?

Step 1. Begin by opening a PDF in Preview.

Step 2. Show page thumbnails on the sidebar by clicking View > Thumbnails.

Step 3. Indicate where to insert another document by selecting a page thumbnail. Then, choose Edit > Insert > Page from File* and pick your PDF, clicking Open. To save, go to File > Export as PDF.

How do I print to PDF in Adobe Acrobat for Mac?

To print PDF in Acrobat, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Select the PDF file in Acrobat and open it.

Step 2. Click on the Print icon at the top right corner

Step 3. In the Print dialog box, select Adobe Printer as the preferred printer and click on Print.


Learning how to print to PDF on Mac is straightforward, though it requires a good grasp of the Mac operating system. The information shared here aims to enhance your efficiency in handling this task effectively. PDFgear is a valuable option in this regard, offering a seamless experience for printing PDF files on a Mac.

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