Free, Full-Featured, and Intuitive Screen Recorder for Mac

Upon one simple tap, Record Go will capture the full screen or a part of the screen on your iMac, MacBook Air, or Macbook Pro. It’s suitable for various recording scenarios including business, gaming, and education.

High-Resolution Recording Feature

High-Resolution Recording

Experience the finest details in your screen recordings with our Ultra High Definition feature. Go and capture every screen detail in stunning 4K resolution. It’s perfect for video creators and professionals who require the highest visual quality to make their content shine.

Targeted Recording Feature

Targeted Recording Areas

Only capture the wanted parts on your screen and leave out everything else. Record the entire screen when requiring everything displayed on the monitor; Or select a specific area or window when highlighting a particular tool, program, or presentation slide with precision.

Webcam and Audio

Webcam and Audio Integration

Create recordings that resonate by adding a personal touch with our Webcam and Audio Integration. Combine screen capture with webcam footage and crystal-clear audio to produce engaging tutorials, heartfelt vlogs, and interactive lectures. It's your story, told with clarity and personality.

Integration Feature

Record Mouse Action

Capturing mouse clicks and movements can be crucial for a high video engagement rate. With Record Go, every click, movement, and hover is captured, providing clear visual cues to your audience. It's ideal for detailed tutorials and walkthroughs where every step is crucial.

Download Record Go now and start capturing your screen activities with ease!

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