[Beginner Friendly] How to Record MP4 on Mac for Free

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Unlock your Mac’s full potential with our guide to recording MP4 videos. Capture a film directly or convert MOV files to MP4 effortlessly!

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How to Record MP4 on Mac

How to Record MP4 on Mac

Due to its broad compatibility, MP4 files appear almost everywhere in your daily life, making them an ideal choice for multimedia recording on MacBooks and iMacs.

While screen recording or movie recording on your Mac typically results in an MOV file, known for its large size but high-quality video and audio, you may prefer MP4 for faster sharing without compromising too much on quality.

So, how can you do it? In this post, you’ll learn the easiest way to record in MP4. Let’s take a look below.

Short Answer

❓Can I record MP4 with the built-in app QuickTime Player on Mac?

🙋 Unfortunately, the default file format of screen record in QuickTime Player is Mov. You need other recording tools to help record MP4 on Mac.

How to Record MP4 on Mac Straightforwardly with Record Go

There’s no need to put the record to other apps for conversion, you can directly record the screen or with the camera in MP4 with Record Go.

Unlike most recorders, Record Go is free and requires no sign-up. It is dedicated to offering crystal-clear recordings with no watermarks.

Even though giving comprehensive features, the interface of Record Go shows a sense of minimalism so you won’t find the features overlapped and disturbing.

Step 1. Launch Record Go for Recording

Go ahead and install Record Go from the App Store – it’s lightweight, so it won’t take up much space on your device. Then, click this app to launch it.

Step 2. Adjust Settings for Recording

In Record Go, you can choose the recording modes and customize the settings for more personalized recording.

  • Screen: entire screen recording.
  • Area: selected part of the screen for recording.
  • Webcam: Add webcam footage to a video.
  • Window: Screen record specific window. (Recording will automatically stop when you close the window.)
Record MP4 with Different Modes in Record Go

Record MP4 with Different Modes in Record Go

After mode selection, you need to check/uncheck the boxes below for more specific recording effects:

  • Microphone: check the box to turn on sound collection from the microphone.
  • System Sound: check the box to turn on the sound collection of internal audio.
  • Camera: check the box to record a webcam video.
  • Cursor Click Even: track the activity of the cursor in a recording.
  • Definition: Select resolutions from 720P to 4K for different film clarity needs.
  • FPS (Frames Per Second): Select frame rates from 15 FPS to 60 FPS to achieve varying levels of motion smoothness.
Record MP4 with Record Go

Record MP4 with Record Go

Step 3. Start Recording MP4

After all the settings, click the “REC” button to start recording. Click the stop icon on the top of the screen to stop recording.

When you finish recording, the film will automatically be saved in MP4, and you can check it in the pop-up folder.

Record MP4 on Mac by Converting Mac Screen Recording to MP4 with iMovie

If you prefer no app installation or have already recorded the videos with QuickTime Player, a convenient option to make an MP4 is to utilize iMovie. This built-in Mac application can convert MOV files to MP4 format, providing seamless compatibility for your video playback needs. The process is straightforward and doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge.

Step 1. Open an MOV in iMovie

Open iMovie and start a new project. Drag your MOV file into the project.

Step 2. Convert the MOV to MP4

Click the share button (a box with an upward arrow) or go to “File” > “Share” and select “File”.

In the settings, ensure the format is set to “Video and Audio.” Click “Next”, and choose where to save your file. Then, click “Save” and the file is automatically converted to .mp4.

Convert MOV to MP4 in iMovie

Convert MOV to MP4 in iMovie


Can QuickTime create MP4?

No. QuickTime cannot create an MP4 file since the default file format it supports is MOV.

Can I record a webcam video as an MP4 on Mac?

Yes. As mentioned in this post, Record Go supports a webcam video recording when you select the Webcam mode in this app.

Is it possible to edit recorded MP4 videos on Mac?

Yes. Many tools can help you edit recorded MP4 videos on Mac. You can use the free and pre-installed iMovie app or Final Cut Pro for more professional video editing.

How can I optimize the quality of MP4 recordings on Mac?

To optimize the quality of MP4 recordings on Mac, you can use Record Go to customize the definition for recording. It offers options of 720P, 1080P, 1440P, and 4K, the higher the resolution the better the video quality.

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