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Benefits of PDFgear Electronic Signature

Safe and Secured

E-signatures are legally-binding and accepted globally. Documents and contracts signed using PDFgear are cryptographically bound and tamper-proof.

Without Cost

Electronically signing PDF documents with PDFgear doesn’t cost you a dime, and no registration is required.

eSign Offline

eSign wherever you are, and whenever you want. PDFgear Desktop requires solely a lightweight software package installed on your PC or laptop, no internet connection is needed.

Enhanced Efficiency

Sign your documents and contracts in the PDFgear’s streamlined e-signatures workflow, which saves your precious time for your business.

Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Signatures

What is an Electronic Signature

An electronic signature, or e-signature, defines signatures and logically associated data in electronic form, generally used to enter into a legal agreement in a digital environment.

E-signatures created under the requirements of specific regulations enjoy equivalent legal standing as a wet signature or a handwritten signature.

Why are Electronic Signatures Secure?

Electronic signatures are more secure than the traditional wet signatures, barely possible to be forged or tampered with. An electronically signed document or contract is added with an additional layer of security by the electronic record, certification of completion, and tamper-evident seal, which also makes an electronic signature more secure in the legal sense.

Digital Signature vs Electronic Signature: What’s the Difference?

An electronic signature is a type of digital signature, while the major difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature is that: a digital signature is a type of document protection that requires authorities' certifications, while an electronic signature is generally used by different parties to enter into a legally binding agreement.

Learn more about the differences between Digital Signatures and Electronic Signatures

What Can You Do with PDFgear Sign?

Safeguard Your Business

E-signatures are the most trusted, enforceable, and secured form of signature for businesses in the modern era. Use PDFgear Desktop electronic signature to ensure the security of your most important information and agreements.

PDFgear Sign Safeguards Your Business
What Can You Do with PDFgear Sign?

Increase Efficiency

Security matters the most, yet it’s just a proportion of electronic signatures. PDFgear Sign also improves user experience, streamlines the signing workflow, and increases the efficiency of your business, especially the cross-border ones.

PDFgear Sign Increases Working Efficiency
What Can You Do with PDFgear Sign?

Remote Collaborations

Easily collaborate with your colleagues, teammates, or classmates by signing, sending, or sharing the documents over the internet. In-time collaborations are made possible, work together even if you are not in the same place.

PDFgear Sign Improves Remote Collaboration
What Can You Do with PDFgear Sign?

e-Sign from Any Device

PDFgear Sign is a web-based signature service that you can access from anywhere. Add electronic signatures on both PC and mobile phones. Supported operating systems include Windows, Mac, Linux, Android phones, iPhone, etc.

PDFgear Sign Works on Any Device
PDFgear Sign Safeguards Your Business PDFgear Sign Increases Working Efficiency PDFgear Sign Improves Remote Collaboration PDFgear Sign Works on Any Device

Guaranteed Security with PDFgear E-signing

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Questions on PDFgear Sign? Answers Here

Is PDFgear eSigning safe and secure?

Electronically signing documents using PDFgear online is safe, legal, and secure. PDFgear eSignatures are a trusted and enforceable type of your own signature that helps safeguard your business.

Is PDFgear eSigning really free?

Yes, PDFgear is really free. Electronically signing documents using PDFgear is completely free, there’s no hidden cost of any kind. But there’s a premium desktop version of PDFgear for users with advanced signature requirements.

Is there a difference between electronic and digital signatures?

Yes, there are many differences between electronic signatures and digital signatures. Electronic signatures are used for contracts that signers agree to. On the other hand, digital signatures, which come with an added layer of security than electronic signatures, are a type of authority-certified signature used to protect documents.

Are PDFgear e-Signatures legal?

Generally, electronic signatures are legally binding and PDFgear e-Signatures are safe and legal, yet regarding laws may vary as countries. Check out below the regulations that PDFgear complies with to learn more about its legitimacy.

What regulations does PDFgear Sign comply with?

PDFgear is a completely safe and secure service. The regulations and standards that PDFgear electronic signatures comply with are as follows: eIDAS, GDPR, ISO 27001, ESIGN Act as well as other e-Signature regulations worldwide.

What is a wet signature?

A wet signature, usually a hard-copy-affixed signature using a pen or other writing device, is a physical signing form favored by old-school signers. It’s quite the contrary to an electronic signature.