6 Top PDF Signing Tools to Add Electronic Signatures

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The following 6 PDF signing tools can help add exceptional e-signatures to any PDF file. Dive in for their pros and cons right now!

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Best Free PDF Signers

Best Free PDF Signers

We all emphasize efficiency in this fast-paced society, but signing PDFs slows us down. This is because we have to not only pay attention to the document content but also find a trustworthy PDF signer that works well.

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PDFgear is a free PDF editor that lets you sign, fill, and annotate PDFs easily without any limits or watermarks. Download it on your Windows or Mac to try it.

Stop searching and doing endless comparisons. This list of the best 6 PDF signers is exactly what you need. Check them out and pick the best one to help you out!

PDFgear Desktop – A Free and Light PDF Signer

Get PDFgear Desktop, and get 3 different methods to sign your PDFs. PDFgear Desktop enables you to type, write, or upload a picture to sign. If you have a photo of your signature, PDFgear Desktop can even help remove backgrounds to make the image signature transparent. After signing the PDF, the signature will be automatically saved in the program. You can always reuse them anytime.

PDFgear Desktop puts much effort into making PDF editing easy and simple. Except for the signing tool, you can also use its comment, annotation, conversion tools, and so on. Gain brand new PDF editing experience with PDFgear Desktop!

Key Features

1. 3 methods of adding signatures

2. All advanced features are free to use

3. Easy and clean interface

4. Fast processing speed

Here is how to use PDFgear Desktop to sign a PDF:

Step 1. Download PDFgear Desktop for free and launch it on your computer.

Step 2. Click on the Open File icon on your left. Choose a PDF to upload.

Open PDF in PDFgear Desktop

Open PDF in PDFgear Desktop

Step 3. Go to Edit> Signature. Type, write, or upload an image as a signature. Click OK to confirm.

Sign PDF with PDFgear Desktop

Sign PDF with PDFgear Desktop

PDFgear for iOS – Best Free PDF Signing Software for iOS Devices

PDFgear Desktop works on Windows and Mac computers. If you are seeking ways to sign with your iOS devices, PDFgear for iOS is exactly what you need. Create signatures using the trackpad, keyboard, or image, and then add them to your PDF in seconds.

Switching from computer to iOS devices doesn’t mean compromising on features. You are still able to annotate, add stamps, and bookmarks, manage pages, fill out forms, and OCR on PDF, for completely free.

Sign PDF on iPhone with PDFgear

Sign PDF on iPhone with PDFgear

Key Features

1. Create signatures using trackpad, keyboards, or images

2. OCR feature that converts scanned documents into editable PDFs

3. Make beautiful annotations

4. Free to use all tools

Follow the simple steps to use PDFgear to sign a PDF on iPhone:

Step 1. Get PDFgear for iOS from the App Store. Launch it and choose a PDF from your phone.

Step 2. Click the button on the top, and switch to Fill & Sign. Write, type, or upload an image as an e-signature, and add it to the PDF.

Adobe Acrobat – Classic Choice for PDF Signer

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most picked PDF signers. To sign PDF documents, you can type, draw, or insert an image of your handwriting in a pure background. Save the document, the signature becomes part of your PDF.

Adobe Acrobat works across all computers and mobile devices. If you are on the mobile version of Adobe Acrobat, you can even capture a picture of your signature and then save it in Adobe Document Cloud so the image is synced and available on all your devices. Yet, Adobe Acrobat is not free. The monthly subscription starts at $12.99.

Key Features

1. Sync signatures across devices

2. Choose the desired color for the signature

3. Able to request other people’s signatures via an email link

4. Share the PDF with others in clicks

Here is about how to sign PDF with Adobe Acrobat:

Step 1. Open the PDF document you want to sign.

Step 2. Click on the Sign icon in the toolbar. Instead, you can also go to Tools > Fill & Sign in the right panel. Click on Signature.

Create a Signature with Acrobat

Create a Signature with Acrobat

Step 3. Hover the mouse to the place you want to sign. Type or write to sign. You can also choose a previously added signature or initial and add it to your PDF.

Add Your Signature

Add Your Signature

PDF Expert – Great PDF Signer for Mac and iOS Users

PDF Expert is fully integrated into the iOS and Mac systems. You can utilize anything that comes with a Mac to make signing PDFs easy and effective. For instance, you can create a beautiful handwriting signature on your iPad with the Apple Pencil. The signatures you created can be synced to other Mac or iOS devices.

The best part of using PDF Expert to sign is it can transform typing alphabets into beautiful handwriting. No one would distinguish the machine-generated signature from your handwriting.

Key Features

1. Create a handwritten signature by typing

2. Sync signatures across all devices

3. Create signatures with Apple Pencil

4. Create a new PDF from scratch

Here is how to sign a PDF on Mac using PDF Expert:

Step 1. Open a PDF with PDF Expert. Go to Annotate > Signature.

Step 2. Click on the Plus sign on the sidebar on the right. Select a keyboard, trackpad, or image to type, draw, or upload an image.

Step 3. Pick a color and click Create. You now have a signature on your PDF.

Sign a PDF with PDF Expert

Sign a PDF with PDF Expert

Nitro PDF – PDF Signing Tools for Teams

Nitro PDF is a PDF editor for individuals and small and large businesses. There is no free version of Nitro. To access Nitro’s signing tool, you have to subscribe which would cost $129.9.

Similarly, Nitro PDF allows you to type, draw, and upload an image to sign. Besides that, you can use the webcam tool to take a picture of your signature on paper and add it to the PDF. After signing, there are options to help protect PDFs or convert PDFs to other formats.

Key Features

1. Type, draw, and upload an image to sign

2. Take a picture of your signature with a webcam and add it to your PDF

3. Unlimited time of requesting signature for subscribed users

4. Other features like converting, compressing, and editing texts

Sign a PDF with Nitro

Sign a PDF with Nitro

Learn how to sign a PDF document with Nitro PDF:

Step 1. Open your document in Nitro PDF. On the main Home tab, choose Quick Sign > Create New Signature.

Step 2. Choose one of the four signing methods, create a signature, click OK, and then place the signature to the PDF.\

Foxit Reader – PDF Signer that Emphasizes Security

Foxit Reader is a PDF editor for Windows and Mac that tries to eliminate all security issues, so it developed 3 signing features. They are digital signature, Foxit e-sign, and DocuSign. We will focus on the Foxit e-sign, the most frequently used feature.

Foxit Reader offers many ways to sign. You can draw, import a file, copy from the clipboard, or type to create a signature. Amazingly, you can even choose the online signature you saved before and add it to your PDF. Try Foxit Reader with all features for 14 days! After that, you need to pay at least $14.99 per month.

Learn how to sign PDFs with Foxit PDF Reader:

Key Features

1. 3 secured signing features

2. Add the online signatures you saved before to the PDF

3. 14-day free trial

4. Team collaboration

Add Signature to PDF with Foxit

Add Signature to PDF with Foxit

Step 1. Open a PDF with Foxit Reader. Choose Protect > Fill & Sign.

Step 2. Click on the Plus icon, type, draw a signature, or choose a signature from the online you saved before.

Step 3. Right-click on the icon, and choose Apply Signature.


Hopefully, you have now successfully added an excellent signature to your PDF. The 6 PDF signers mentioned above have their own pros and cons, but we’d like to recommend PDFgear Desktop one more time.

It doesn’t only help sign PDFs but also edit texts, add annotations, and so much more. All tools are free to use. Gain brand new PDF editing experience at PDFgear Desktop.

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