How To Digitally Sign a PDF [3 Methods Recommended]

Last updated on April 10, 2023

Summary :

Well, technology has brought us to digital signatures on PDFs.In an increasingly digitized environment, digital signatures assist you to confirm that the person or organization delivering a document or message is who they claim to be, and that the substance of the document or message has not been altered since it was signed.

Sign a PDF Digitally

For this new era, printers and scanners are no longer necessities for office or individuals. You may wonder without those machines, how you can verify documents and messages without signing on papers? A quick and easy approach to add your signature to a document is by digitally signing a PDF rather than printing it out, signing it by hand, and scanning it back in.

No one can refuse such convenient and efficiency-boosting methods at work. Here’s our advice on how to digitally sign a PDF so you don’t have to buy printer ink again.

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How to Digitally Sign a PDF with PDFgear

If there has to be one tool for digital signature on PDFs, you don’t want to miss PDFgear for it is completely free and functional. It allows you to create your unique signature in seconds and save it for your use in the future. Simple steps ease your mind from your demanding workload for the moment. Clear and friendly UI will also impress you. Here are the steps:

You can sign in PDF through PDFgear online editor, but completing signatures on the PDFgear desktop will be more convenient and unrestricted.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Install PDFgear Desktop

Open the PDF document that you need to sign using a PDFgear installed on your computer. If you have more than one option for opening a PDFgear, right click on the your target file and choose “open with” PDFgear.

Open the file with PDFgear

Open the File with PDFgear

Step 2. Locate the “Insert” Tool in PDFgear

Click on the “Insert” tool, which is located in the fourth place on the pane of the PDFgear window. Then “Signature” pops out. Click it and you will see “Create Signature”.

Click on Signature in PDFgear

Click on Signature in PDFgear

Step 3. Create Digital Signature through PDFgear

Select the “Create signature” option from the menu. Here it will show you this window, providing three ways to make a signature. They are “Picture” “Type” and “Write”. The most common choice will be “Write”. “Write” by moving your mouse on the blank in the window, click “OK” if you have got a satisfying signature. Click “Clear” to recreate.

Create Signature in the Window through PDFgear

Create Signature in the Window through PDFgear

Step 4. Resize Digital Signature on PDFgear

Add your signature to the document, you can resize and reposition it as needed until it fits perfectly.

Resize and reposition your signature on PDFgear

Resize and Reposition Your Signature on PDFgear

How to Digitally Sign a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader, as a classical PDF editing tool, provides a lot of functions. In terms of digital signature, it never lets you down. It enables you to sign PDFs and include that signature into the file, offering the highest level of confidence regarding the identity of each signer and the legitimacy of the papers they sign. The huge bummer here is that you have to pay for it.

Step 1. Open the file you need to sign on with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Select “Fill&Sign” from the tool bar on the right side of the window.

Open Your File with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Open Your File with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Step 2. Click “Sign” and choose “Add Signature” if there is no previous signature you saved within Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Add Signature in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Add Signature in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Step 3. When you save the window below, it means you are ready to create your signature in one of the three ways. Just choose the most handy way of signing and it’s all there. Notice that you can choose “Save signature” from the left corner for future use.

Sign with Images in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Sign with Images in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Step 4. Place your digital signature in the appropriate spot and adjust its size. Then you get your perfect digital signature without much effort.

Place and Adjust Signature through Adobe Acrobat Reader

Place and Adjust Signature through Adobe Acrobat Reader

How to Digitally Sign a PDF with Preview on Mac

Preview is convenient tool for reading a variety of file types. It is offered for Mac users and it helps a lot when it comes to signing a PDF on Mac. Some people believe that Preview has limited capabilities, but dealing with digital signature is not a challenging task for it. The steps for signing a PDF with Preview are not complicated as in other software. Check out the details here.

Step 1. Open your file to be signed with Preview, and you may not see many tools. That’s when you have to click the arrows.

Open Your File with Preview

Open Your File with Preview

Step 2. Choose the Signature icon and click it without hesitation.

Click Signature Icon on Preview

Click Signature Icon on Preview

Step 3. Here pops out a window offering three ways of signing, through trackpad, camera and iPad. You can pick the one that is available for you.

Create Your Signature in Preview

Create Your Signature in Preview

Step 4. When you are done with signing, you are ready to create your digital signature. You can relocate it anywhere in your file.

Relocate Signature in Preview

Relocate Signature in Preview


How do I Digitally Sign a PDF for Free?

Download PDFgear and follow simple steps. PDFgear is all free for users no matter how you want to edit your files. To sign a file with PDFgear, you just need to, first open your file with PDFgear, then click on signature button, create your signature and relocate it.

What Tool can I Use to Sign a PDF Free?

There are various tools for free digital signature in PDFs, such as PDFgear, DocuSign, Signaturely, and so on. Most of these tools are very simple and convenient to use. You can finish your PDF signing session in two or three minutes.

How do I Sign a PDF on my Phone?

If you don’t want any fuss and want to save time, Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile version will be idea. It’s running stably with all types of PDF editing tools. On top of that, E-sign is easy to be done with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


We always face the problems of signing a PDF in office. If we want to simply our workflow and boost your work efficiency, it’s never a loss to spend some time figuring out the most functional and convenient tool for digital signatures. After reading this post, if you are looking for a free and professional one to help you complete your electronic signature in PDF, then PDFgear would be a great recommendation.

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