How to Sign on PDF on iPhone Simply 

Piers Zoew Tuesday October 18, 2022 3:59 AM

Do you need to sign a PDF contract or PDF tax form urgently, but only have your iPhone in hand? Are you confused about signing PDF documents on iPhone? Don’t worry, read this post to find out the easy way to sign PDF on iPhone.

As the Internet and e-commerce continue to grow, the technical terms e-signature and digital signature have come to the forefront. There are many PDF documents that you need to sign, such as contracts, checks, and tax returns. How to Sign on PDF on iPhone? No download, no install. You can rely on the built-in Markup app on your iPhone. Here we will discuss how to use the markup tool to create or upload signatures to PDF on iPhone in detail.

You don’t need to download any three-party software to sign a PDF document on your iPhone. Markup is Apple’s image annotation tool and has a wide range of features including the ability to quickly sign PDF forms. Here’s how to use Apple’s built-in markup feature to add your signature to a PDF file or sign the document manually.

Step 1. Open your PDF in Markup.

To do this, open the file application and long press on your PDF. once the menu slides up from the bottom of your screen, click on the markup.

If you quickly click on the file, it will be opened and you will see a Markup tip icon in the top right corner. You can click on it to open the Markup.

Step 2. Choose the Signature Icon

Click the + button at the bottom of the Markup screen, then tap on the signature icon.

You can upload your previously saved signature from the menu, or select a tool from the toolbar and sign the PDF using Apple Pencil or your finger.

Step 3. Save the PDF File

Once you are done, click the “Done” button, which is in the upper left corner of your screen. This will close Markup and save your changes, and you can share your PDF file via Messages and email.

Sign PDF on iPhone

Sign PDF on iPhone

The Bottom Line

This is an easy way to digitally sign PDF documents on iPhone without any third-party applications. The built-in Markup app is the easiest tool for signing PDF documents on your iPhone. If you need to add a signature to a PDF file on a Windows or Mac PC then, you should definitely give PDFgear a try.