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Last updated on April 10, 2024

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From this guide, you can learn how to add electronic signatures or digital signatures to PDF documents. This can be done both offline and online using the free PDF signer PDFgear.

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How to Sign PDF

How to Sign PDF

Are you looking for a solution to electronically sign a PDF or add digital signatures to a PDF? Luck for you to have come to the right place. Modern businesses are not like what they used to be. You can quickly sign your work documents on your computer or phone, thanks to the proven PDF signer service.

Detailed Steps on Signing PDF Offline Free

PDFgear is a popular all-in-one PDF management toolkit well-received by global users. Its signature feature is one of the most robust signature tools which allows its users to sign their PDF documents on Mac and Windows with ease. With PDFgear, you even get to sign PDFs on iPhone and Android phones.

  • All types of PDF documents supported, protected PDF included.
  • Uninterrupted workflow with PDFgear Sign.
  • Sign PDF across major devices including Windows, and Mac.
  • Intuitive UI with strong performance.
PDFgear – Free Sign PDF Documents

PDFgear offers a streamlined sign function for effortless electronic signatures, enhancing document authenticity and efficiency on Windows, macOS, and iOS.

We won’t beat around the bush anymore and go straight into how to sign PDFs on your Windows and Mac through PDFgear.

Step 1. Open the PDF Document with PDFgear

Firstly, you should download PDFgear from its official website and then open it. Click the “Open File” button to upload the PDF file you need to sign.

Open PDF File in PDFgear Desktop

Open PDF File in PDFgear Desktop

Step 2. Create a signature in a PDF

Select the Edit tab from the top menu bar, then click the Signature icon.

Now you can start creating your signature. PDFgear allows you to upload your existing signature image, type signature, or handwritten signature.

Sign PDF with PDFgear

Sign PDF with PDFgear

Add Picture: Click the Add Picture button, which will jump to your file explorer to let you upload your signature image. Check the “Remove Background” button, this will remove all white pixels from the image.

Type Signature: Type your name directly and choose a font for it, click the OK button to finish creating your signature. If you make a mistake, you can click the Clear button to start over.

Write Signature: Select the text line thickness and hold down the left mouse button to start drawing your signature. If you are not satisfied with the signature, you can click the Clear button to delete it.

Step 3. Save the Signed PDF

Click anywhere in the PDF file to add the created signature to that location, and pull the border to resize it. Besides, you can also flatten, delete the signature, or even place the signature on multiple pages in the PDF.

Add the Signature to the PDF

Add the Signature to the PDF

Once done, click the “Save” button in the upper left corner to save the modified file. Or click the “Save as” button to save the signed PDF file to the specified location.

Detailed Steps on Signing PDF Online Free

Is there a way to electronically sign a PDF online? For mobile users, PDFgear also provides an online editor to support users in adding digital signatures to PDFs on Android or iPhone for free. No hassle, no download, no registration. The only thing you need is a stable internet connection.

Step 1. Open the signing tool

Go to the PDFgear online PDF editor using your preferred web browser.

Open the Signing Tool

Open the Signing Tool

Click on the “Choose files” button to select the PDF file you want to sign from your computer. Once the PDF is uploaded, navigate to the signing tool provided by PDFgear.

Step 2. Add signature to PDF online

Depending on the options available, you can create your signature in one of the following ways:

Add Signature to PDF

Add Signature to PDF

Type: Use your keyboard to type your signature, and choose from different font styles to customize it.

Draw: Use your mouse or touchpad to draw your signature directly on the screen.

Upload: If you have a pre-created signature image, you can upload it to use as your signature.

After creating or selecting your signature, position it in the desired location within the PDF document. You can drag and drop it or use alignment and resizing tools to adjust its appearance.

Step 3. Save the signed PDF

Once you are satisfied with the signature placement, click on the “Save” or “Download” button to save the signed PDF file to your computer.

Download the Signed PDF

Download the Signed PDF

Bonus Explore: PDFgear E-Signature Features at a Glance

Apart from the zero cost and ease of use, there are certainly other things that you should care about. PDF signing savvy would care about the advanced features of a PDF signing tool, and this part is here to help you better understand the most notable upsides of PDFgear Sign.

To learn more about electronic signatures, digital signatures, and PDFgear Sign features, please see what are electronic signatures.

Board-Ranging Signature Styles

Add drawn or typed signatures, initials, or free text using inbuilt popular standard signature fonts including Helvetica, Courier, Symbol, Times New Roman, etc. You are also allowed to upload your own signature or initials to use in the uploaded PDF document.

Stamps Supported As Well

Add unprotected stamping in PDF documents using PDFgear as well. PDFgear supports dozens of Dynamic stamps, Sign Here stamps, Standard Business Stamps, and Custom Stamps.

Fill Out and Sign Up for Forms

PDFgear allows you to fill out and sign up forms easily and flexibly, you can fill in blanks, tick on checkboxes, select an item from a dropdown, select text in the document, add free text, add electronic signatures, etc.

A Safe and Secure Signing Experience You Need

PDFgear Sign offers a safe and secure signing experience for your vital business. PDFgear Sign is legally binding and PDFgear e-Signatures are safe and legal.

Moreover, PDFgaer complies with major signature laws and regulations including eIDAS, GDPR, ISO 27001, and ESIGN Act as well as other e-signature regulations worldwide.

Please note that laws may vary per country. For PDFgear signature safety details, please check our PDFgear Sign Trust Center.


If you’re seeking a straightforward solution for signing or filling in your PDF documents, PDF signers are undoubtedly the preferred option.

For individuals who frequently travel and cannot ensure a stable internet connection, PDFgear allows you to sign your PDF documents offline on both Mac and Windows computers. Additionally, if you find yourself with only a phone at hand, PDFgear provides you with an online PDF editor and signer to meet your needs.

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