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You’re in safe hands now, your information security is the priority of PDFgear. Be at ease signing using PDFgear, protected by major regulations, secured connections, and bleeding-edge encryption techniques such as TLS

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Legitimacy and Compliance Details

Electronic Signatures

The secured and legally binded electronic signatures is more than reliable for your PDF documents and contracts

GDPR Compliant

Your personal data is safe and secure, we protect the data related to users during the use of PDFgear eSign


PDFgear facilitates the use of electronic records under affirmative consent of users

eIDAS Compliant

PDFgear eSign use associated standardized signature to comply with elDAS regulation across EU member states

ISO 27001 Certified

PDFgear is certified by ISO 27001 to safeguard any data in your vital business

TLS Encryption

Trust your data and document with PDFgear eSign using the bleeding-edge TLS encryption

Your Worries Shall be Answered

Is PDFgear eSigning safe and secure?

Electronically signing documents using PDFgear online is safe, legal, and secure. PDFgear eSignatures are a trusted and enforceable type of your own signature that helps safeguard your business.

Is PDFgear eSigning really free?

Yes, PDFgear is really free. Electronically signing documents using PDFgear is completely free, there’s no hidden cost of any kind. But there’s a premium desktop version of PDFgear for users with advanced signature requirements.

Are PDFgear e-Signatures legal?

Generally, electronic signatures are legally binding and PDFgear e-Signatures are safe and legal, yet regarding laws may vary as countries.

What regulations does PDFgear Sign comply with?

PDFgear is a completely safe and secure service. The regulations and standards that PDFgear electronic signatures comply with are as follows: eIDAS, GDPR, ISO 27001, ESIGN Act as well as other e-Signature regulations worldwide.

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