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Split, separate, and batch process PDFs or extract certain PDF pages with our ChatGPT-powered software & app, still for free.

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Guaranteed security

PDFgear doesn’t save your files whatsoever. Uploaded files will be completely deleted from our server once you finish page splitting. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

Completely free service

100% free PDF demerger online service allows you to split PDF documents page by page online without cost. It doesn’t require installation or email sign-up, and the exported PDF file contains no watermark.

Split PDFs page by page

By simply dragging and dropping your PDF document into the PDF split window, you can either split the document into individual one-page PDF files or extract only the specific pages you need.

Works on any device

PDFgear is a cloud-based and cross-platform PDF extractor that works on all mainstream devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. All you need is a web browser.

Intuitive PDF splitting process

PDFgear presents a simple and intuitive workplace for you to split PDF documents into single pages effortlessly, save one page of a PDF, or keep a proportion of pages from a PDF.

No file limits

Unlike other online tools, there’ll be no file size or file number limits when extracting PDFs with PDFgear. Upload, edit, and split with as many/large PDF files as you want.

How to Split PDFs Online for Free

1. Upload Your PDF File.

Simply drag and drop your PDF document into the web-based PDF split tool, or use the upload button to select your file.

2. Separate Your PDF.

Enter the page number range of one or more groups of PDF pages you want to extract. Then hit the 'Split' button.

3. Download PDF File.

After completing the extraction or separation process, click the 'Download' button to save your split PDF file.

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Your Questions Are Answered

Is PDF Splitter Free to Use?

Absolutely, PDFgear PDF Splitter online tool is 100% free. You can extract PDF pages at no cost and even enjoy the advanced features of our desktop software and mobile app without spending a dime.

Is PDF Splitter Safe to Use?

Yes, using our online tool, you can securely separate PDF files into multiple files. We adhere to ISO 27001 standards and comply with GDPR regulations. Our online services do not store your private information without your permission.

What’s the Best Free PDF Splitter Software?

PDFgear is more than just a PDF splitter; it’s a full suite of PDF editing tools. From annotations, signatures, and format conversions to PDF merging and image recognition, we’ve got it all. And the best part? It’s all free. While other software charge for similar services, PDFgear delivers stable, reliable performance at no cost, making it the top choice for free PDF splitting.

How Can I Split PDF Documents Offline?

With PDFgear’s dedicated software for Windows, Mac, and iOS, you can quickly and freely split, merge, and edit PDF pages, all without an internet connection.

Tips and Tricks for Separating PDF Files

How to Split a PDF into Multiple Files

Discover four practical methods to divide a PDF document into several files, applicable for both Windows and Mac devices.

How to Extract Pages from a PDF

This article provides a variety of ways to extract individual pages from a PDF document, available for both online and offline use.

How to Save Specific Pages from a PDF File

Explore five efficient strategies to save particular pages from your PDF document, ensuring you get exactly what you need.

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