How to Crop a PDF for Free [Online/Offline]

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Cropping PDF can make it more suitable for reading, printing, or transferring across platforms, so this article will help you understand how to crop PDFs online and offline for free.

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How to Crop a PDF

How to Crop a PDF

Having a reliable PDF cropper is essential for eliminating unwanted blank spaces, margins, or borders from your PDF document. Unfortunately, finding an online PDF management service on Google that supports cropping for free can be a bit of a disappointment when you need a quick and cost-effective solution.

In this post, discover how to easily and freely crop PDFs using online and offline methods. First, learn about Adobe Acrobat Online, a popular free online PDF cropper.

Crop a PDF Document on Windows/Mac

Certainly, PDFgear provides software versions compatible with Windows, Mac operating systems, iPad, and iPhone. Branded under the name PDFgear, this application serves as an upgraded, desktop-oriented counterpart to

It delivers heightened stability, enhanced performance, and a variety of advanced document modification features, surpassing the capabilities of its web-based counterpart.

Step 1. Install PDFgear on Your Device

Download PDFgear on your device with confidence, as it offers seamless compatibility with Mac, Windows, and iOS operating systems.

Now hit the button below to download PDFgear for free!

PDFgear – Free Crop PDF Documents

PDFgear stands out as the primary choice for cropping PDFs on Windows, macOS, and iOS. It offers a combination of being free, secure, feature-rich, and user-friendly.

Step 2. Import PDF File

Open PDFgear > Click Open File on the main interface > Choose a PDF file from your device to import.

Add the PDF File to PDFgear

Add the PDF File to PDFgear

Step 3. Select Pages in PDF

To select specific pages to crop, navigate to the Page ribbon and choose your preferred method:

➡️ 1. Checkboxes: Click the checkbox under each page to select them individually.

➡️ 2. Drop-down box: Click the drop-down box on the upper right to choose from options like “All Pages,” “Even Pages Only,” or “Odd Pages Only.”

➡️ 3. Alternatively, manually enter page numbers using commas to separate them and dashes to connect them.

Select Pages that Need be Cropped

Select Pages that Need be Cropped

Step 4. Crop Your PDF with PDFgear

Click on the Crop Page Button > Adjust selected area > Tap on Done.

Crop PDF Using PDFgear

Crop PDF Using PDFgear

Crop a PDF Online Free

Now, we suggest using PDFgear for this task, as it is one of the few online PDF management tools that offer comprehensive cropping features.

PDFgear is a free online PDF management tool that encompasses various functionalities such as PDF cropping, PDF conversion, PDF compression, PDF annotation, and more.

Its online PDF cropping tool is entirely free to use and can be conveniently accessed through a web browser on your PC or mobile device.

Step 1. Upload PDF to PDFgear

Navigate to PDFgear online PDF cropper. To upload a PDF, click the “Select PDF files” button or drag and drop the document into PDFgear.

Upload PDF to PDFgear Online Cropper

Upload PDF to PDFgear Online Cropper

Step 2. Crop PDF Using PDFgear

Then you’ll be led to the PDFgear PDF cropper page. Use the cropping rectangle to customize the cropping area. From Crop Settings, choose which pages you intend to apply the defined cropping.

Crop a PDF with PDFgear Online Cropper

Crop a PDF with PDFgear Online Cropper

Step 3. Download the Cropped PDF Document

Once you have made the necessary cropping selections, click on the blue “Apply and Download” button to apply the cropping to all the selected pages.

And then proceed to the next screen where you can download the cropped PDF document by selecting the “Download” option.

Save the Cropped PDF from PDFgear

Save the Cropped PDF from PDFgear

While PDFgear online cropper satisfactorily fulfills the daily requirements of most users, it is susceptible to network limitations. To overcome this, the offline version of PDFgear, becomes an excellent alternative, especially during business trips or in the event of network disruptions.

Additionally, the offline version of PDFgear eliminates restrictions related to file size and quantity, making it exceptionally beneficial for users who frequently handle large volumes of files.

Acrobat Crop PDF

As Adobe Reader lacks free support for PDF cropping, we suggest utilizing Adobe Acrobat Online Tools, a robust platform with a wide range of features including PDF compression, conversion, cropping, editing, and rotation. Upon logging into your account, you’ll have access to professional-grade cropping tools for precise adjustment of your PDF file’s page size.

Ensure a stable internet connection before proceeding to the cropping tool.

Step 1. Enter Adobe Acrobat Online Cropper webpage> Click on the Select a file button > Choose a file from your device to upload.

Select a PDF file to Crop

Select a PDF file to Crop

Step 2. Sign in with your account > Drag the border on the first page of the PDF to select the desired crop area > Specify the crop page range > Click Crop.

Crop Your PDF File

Crop Your PDF File

Step 3. To save your PDF on the device or share it with others, simply click the Download button located in the upper right corner or utilize a shareable link.

Share the Cropped PDF

Share the Cropped PDF


However, please note that Adobe Acrobat Online Cropper imposes a limitation of two usage rights per user every thirty days, and you may also encounter restrictions regarding file size and page count.

As a solution, PDFgear, an alternative free online cropping tool that provides unlimited usage without such limitations is a better choice.

Much More to Expect from PDFgear

PDFgear is not just a PDF cropping tool; it offers a complete PDF management toolbox for various needs:

> Need to convert between scanned and digital document formats or resolve compatibility issues? PDFgear supports conversions to/from JPG, PPT, Excel, Word, and more.

> Looking for a tool to annotate documents or fill in forms? PDFgear has you covered.

> Require digital signatures on the document for contracts? PDFgear provides the solution.

> Dealing with large file sizes? PDFgear’s compression tool can help.

> PDFgear provides a complete PDF editor toolkit for tasks like PDF splitting, merging, cropping, resizing, etc.

> Utilize AI technology to extract, analyze, and summarize information from your PDF files.

> And more features are waiting for you to explore!

Furthermore, PDFgear’s offline version unlocks pro features, such as Batch Mode, which greatly saves time when handling numerous PDF documents. Unlike the PDFgear Online tool with a maximum file size limit of 20 MB, PDFgear Desktop has no restrictions on file size or quantity.


How To Crop a PDF on Mac?

While Mac users have the option to crop PDFs using Preview, a built-in tool, those seeking more advanced and professional cropping capabilities will find PDFgear a superior choice.

How Do I Crop Part of a PDF?

When the need arises to crop specific pages within a PDF file, PDFgear offers convenient options. To proceed, download PDFgear > Import your PDF file > Click on the Page button > Select the desired pages > Click on Crop Page > Save or print the cropped PDF.

Can I Crop a PDF for Free?

As Adobe Acrobat Pro subscription fees can be costly, the search for a free PDF cropper becomes crucial. Hence, PDFgear, a professional PDF cropper that is entirely free, is highly favored.

To use PDFgear, simply access the online cropper, upload your file, select the desired cropping range (or input specific parameters), and click “Crop” to complete the operation without any additional charges.

How Do I Crop a PDF Without Acrobat?

While built-in tools like Preview or Snipping serve basic needs, PDFgear is ideal for batch processing and large files. Simply import the file into PDFgear, select desired pages in the “Page” section, click “Crop Page”, and adjust page sizes with the mouse.

The Conclusion

This post is here to help you easily crop PDFs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. for free. With the free and reliable tool PDF, the task is no longer impossible. With the various options introduced above, I believe removing wanted parts from PDF will no longer be a trouble for you.

Additionally, as you can see above, tons of other exciting features make PDFgear worth your try. Now give it a whirl to see if it’s that good!

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