How to Extract Pages From PDF with Foxit and Free Alternative

Last updated on April 10, 2024

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Learn from the step-by-step guide on how to extract pages from PDF using Foxit Phantom and Reader. The free method is also covered.

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How to Extract Pages from Foxit

How to Extract Pages from Foxit

Here you’ll find how to use Foxit Phantom and Reader to easily extract pages from PDFs and save them as individual files. A free alternative method for you to instantly split PDFs completely free is also provided.

Short Answer

✅To extract pages from PDF using Foxit, you simply need to go to the Organize section and look for the Extract featureSee more.

❌However, it’s only available in Foxit Phantom (over $79/year) instead of Foxit PDF Reader.

👍Moreover, get PDFgear, the best free Foxit alternative to extract PDF pages in batches.

Steps to Extract Pages from PDF Using Foxit

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to extract pages from PDF using Foxit PhantomPDF:

For more PDF utilities with page extraction features, read our post on the best PDF splitter and merger software.

Step 1. Open the PDF in Foxit PhantomPDF

In Foxit PhantomPDF, click the “Open File” button on the Welcome page or go to “File > Open” on the main menu. Find the PDF you want to extract pages from and click “Open”.

Open PDF in Foxit

Open PDF in Foxit

Step 2. Turn On the Page Thumbnail Feature

Click the Organize button from the ribbon, and then click Extract.

Turn on Page Thumbnail Foxit

Turn on Page Thumbnail Foxit

Step 3. Select the Pages to Extract

In the following dialog box, type in the exact pages you wish to extract.

Input Page Range Foxit

Input Page Range Foxit

Step 4. Save the Extracted Pages

Next, click OK, and a new file will be created with its tab saying: “Extracted pages from …”, you can save these pages by clicking File, Save, and entering a file name. After following these steps, you will have successfully extracted pages from your PDF document using Foxit PhantomPDF.

Save Extracted Page Foxit

Save Extracted Page Foxit


Considering the higher subscription costs of Foxit’s PDF editing software (ranging from $79 to $149 per year), there is an alternative solution available.

Extract PDF Pages Online FREE

If you are looking for a free alternative to Foxit PhantomPDF, PDgear is the best choice. PDFgear is a powerful and easy-to-use online PDF page splitter tool that allows you to extract pages from your PDF document for completely free. There are also other practical PDF page editing features such as rearranging PDF pages, merging pages, and converting pages to PDF.

With PDFgear, you can extract PDF pages without installation, simply upload your PDF file to the website and you’re good to go. The process is fast, hassle-free, and doesn’t require you to register for an account.

Here’s a simple guide on how to extract pages from PDF for free Using PDFgear:

Step 1. Upload the PDF to PDFgear

Go to the PDFgear online PDF Splitter page.

Upload PDF to the Online Splitter

Upload PDF to the Online Splitter

Click the “Select PDF files” button or drag and drop your PDF files into the toolbox for upload.

Step 2. Specify the Page Range

Enter the page range you want to extract in the blank box.

Extract Pages from PDF Online

Extract Pages from PDF Online

For multiple extractions, separate page ranges using commas (e.g., 1-7, 9-22, 60-50). Click “Split” to initiate the extraction process.

Step 3. Save the New PDFs

After a few seconds, the extraction process will be completed. Click the blue download button to save your extracted PDFs in the output folder.

Download the Extracted PDF File

Download the Extracted PDF File

That’s it! You’ve successfully extracted pages from a PDF using PDFgear online.

Can I Extract Pages Using Foxit PDF Reader?

If you are using the basic Foxit PDF Reader, the process might not be as direct as Foxit Phantom. Foxit Reader is primarily a free software application for creating, viewing, editing, and printing PDFs. While it offers various functionalities, its capabilities for extracting pages might be limited compared to PhantomPDF or other specialized PDF editing tools.

For instance, you can attempt to extract pages in Foxit Reader by using the print function. You would open the PDF in Foxit Reader, choose “Print” from the File menu, and in the Print dialog box, select “Foxit Reader PDF Printer” from the Printer dropdown menu.

Then, in the “Print Range” section, you could specify the pages you want to extract. This essentially prints the selected pages to a new PDF file​​.


Can I extract Pages from a PDF Using Foxit Reader?

PDF page extraction is a paid PDF editing feature in Foxit Phantom, you can not extract pages from PDF using Foxit PDF Reader. To extract pages from PDF for free, you are strongly suggested to try the free Foxit Phantom alternative.

How do I select specific pages for extraction?

Identify the page numbers you want to extract. Note that the PDF page number and the document’s page number might not always match. Find the pages you need and note their PDF page numbers, which are shown at the bottom of the PhantomPDF window​​.

Can I split multiple PDF files at once?

Yes, it’s possible to split multiple PDF files at the same time. For instance, if you have several PDFs, each with a specific number of pages, you can split them into individual parts using the “Organize” tab and then selecting “Split”. You can choose other documents for splitting by clicking on “Select More Files …”​​.

Will the split PDFs maintain original page numbering and bookmarks?

Yes, if you have followed the instructions in this post, the PDF page numbering and bookmarks will be preserved.

Can I name split PDF files based on their content?

Yes, when splitting a PDF in Foxit PDF Editor, you can choose to name the resulting files based on their content. In the “Split” dialog box, check the option “Use the page content to name the output file” after choosing your desired splitting method​​.


PDFs are an excellent format for document sharing, and both Foxit and PDFgear offer convenient features. With these tools,  you can easily convert PDF to Google Docs format, extract pages from PDFs, and crop, rotate, rearrange, and delete PDF pages. Whether you need to focus on a particular section or reduce file size, these methods will be helpful.

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