How to Search in PDF in iPhone

Last updated on January 20, 2023

Summary :

Are you tired of scrolling through pages upon pages of a PDF document on your iPhone just to find words or phrases? We got you convered. In this article, we will show you the simple steps on how to search a PDF on your iPhone with PDFgear, making the process of finding what you need a breeze.

Search in PDF on iPhone

PDF is a popular file format for its ease of transfer and ability to store a large amount of content. However, this can lead to larger file sizes and a high number of pages, making it difficult to quickly locate specific information.

Instead of manually scrolling through pages on your iPhone, use the built-in search function of your PDF reader to quickly find the content you need. This method is easy for computer users and even easier for iPhone users. Say goodbye to tedious manual scrolling and hello to efficient PDF searching on your iPhone.

How to Search for Word in PDF on iPhone with PDFgear

It’s not effortless to find a PDF tool that can work on both computers and mobile phones. Let’s meet PDFgear, an all-in-one free PDF online tool that has excellent compatibility, and can work on not only Windows, and Mac but also iOS and Android. In addition, PDFgear doesn’t need to be downloaded or registered. You just need to type in its URL into your browser, select PDF reader, and operate it directly.

Here is a useful shortcut that is easy as can be to help you search for a PDF on iPhone with PDFgear. Follow the detailed steps below and forget the tedious and difficult manual methods you used before!

Step 1. Open PDFgear PDF Reader

Use Safari browser to access to PDFgear PDF Reader directly, or navigate to the tool page using any browser on your iPhone.

PDF Reader

PDF Reader

Step 2. Upload the PDF File

Hit the “Choose files” button and select the PDF in your iCloud Drive. Then your PDF document will open in the PDFgear PDF reader.

Upload PDF File

Upload PDF File

Step 3. Search PDF on iPhone Online

Hit the magnifying glass icon and type the content you want to search in the text. PDFgear will highlight all instances of the keyword or phrase in the PDF and display them in the search results. And then you can browse the results of the search.

Search PDF

Search PDF

In the whole process, PDFgear will not charge any fees and protect your information security by erasing your file information completely every time you refresh or close Safari.

How to Search A PDF on iPhone: FAQs

What is a Searchable PDF?

A searchable PDF is a scanned document that has been converted into editable text using OCR software. This allows for easy searching and copying of text within the document, as well as making it more discoverable on the internet through indexing by search engines.

How to Search a PDF on iPhone using iBooks?

Launch iBooks from the home screen, open PDF, and tap the magnifying glass on right. Type text/term, and click the search section of the keyboard. View search results, and scroll to the desired result.

How to search PDF on Mac?

Due to the compatibility of PDFgear, it can help you do the job on Mac too. Follow the method below and solve your problem.

Step 1. Open the tool page of the PDF reader of PDFgear.

Step 2. Upload your PDF File to PDFgear.

Step 3. Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner

Step 4. Enter the content you want to search in the text box and browse the results.

Is PDFgear free?

Yes, it is. There is no charge for all functions of PDFgear, and it is guaranteed that there will be no additional charge for you to pay during your use.

What else can this PDF reader do?

In addition to searching the content of PDF, the PDF reader of PDFgear can also scale the PDF size, cut off redundant white edges, and allow you to take notes or add various elements to PDF with various tools.

In Addition

Users can find specific text in a document by opening the PDF file in PDFgear PDF Reader and using the “Search” feature. This feature allows users to quickly find the information they need in a PDF file without having to manually browse through the entire file. In addition to the search function, PDFgear also provides other convenient features such as merging pages, rotating pages, deleting pages, etc.

When using these tools, you can experience all the complete functions without downloading. No watermark, no login, and no cost, you only need to open PDFgear with the browser on your computer or mobile phone to solve all the puzzles and troubles of PDF. So hesitate no more and try PDFgear now!