3 Best Extractors for Extract Highlighted Text from PDFs

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This guide shows you 3 easy ways to extract highlighted text from PDF. Check it out and be a master in using the PDF highlight extractors.

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Extract Highlighted Text from PDF

Extract Highlighted Text from PDF

Many people, like you, don’t stop at just highlighting texts on PDF. It is quite a smart move because only extracting highlighted texts can ultimately make going through important information in a PDF convenient.

The following 3 powerful PDF highlight extractors can help you copy and save highlighted text from a PDF. Pick one that caters to your needs most.

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PDFgear is one of the best PDF highlight extractors, it allows you to copy the highlight text from your PDF.

PDFgear – Free PDF Editor for Manually Copying Highlighted Text

The first PDF highlight extractor we recommend is PDFgear. It works on both PC and Mac. PDFgear, around 130MB, is a lightweight PDF software that won’t burden your computer, unlike heavier alternatives.

Being light doesn’t mean compromising on features. It has lots of practical yet easy-to-use tools. To name a few, adding e-signatures, freehand drawings, OCR to extract texts from a scanned PDF, and compressing to reduce PDF size. All edits can be made in clicks.

When it comes to extracting highlights from PDF, PDFgear displays all the highlights and allows you to copy them all. This is indeed lots of work, but PDFgear is free completely!

Wonder how to use PDFgear to copy highlighted texts? Here is how:

Step 1. Download PDFgear on your computer and launch it. Click on the Open File button to open a PDF from a local folder.

Step 2. Go to Annotate > Annotation. All highlights will appear on your left. Click on one highlight, you will reach where it is. Copy the text and paste it to a Word, Excel, or TXT file.

PDFgear PDF Highlight Extractor

PDFgear PDF Highlight Extractor

Sumnotes – Best Online Extractor to Extarct All Highlighted Text in PDF

Sumnotes is one of the easiest-to-use online tools to manage PDF and Kindle annotation. It can help you effortlessly copy all highlighted text, and download it in Word, Excel, or TXT in just several seconds.

It tops on our list of the best PDF highlight extractors for 3 reasons. Firstly, Sumnotes is a browser-based tool that works in its cloud storage. You don’t have to download anything to your computer, and everyone can get free temporary 100 MB cloud storage even without sign-ups. Secondly, you can filter out the highlights you don’t need by colors. Last but not least, there is an option allowing you to share all highlighted text via email.

Every coin has two sides. We must admit that the limitation for free users is quite strict. Non-subscribers can only view and process the first 50 annotations, and a monthly plan costs $8.99. Besides, Sumnotes can be slow while processing big documents.

Following are detailed steps for exporting highlights from PDF:

Step 1. Visit the Sumnotes website and upload a PDF from a local folder or Google Drive according to the prompts.

Step 2. Once the PDF is uploaded, all highlighted texts will appear on the left panel. Choose View Annotations. Filter the highlights by colors.

Step 3. Choose the desired format and click to download.



Foxit Reader – Professional Choice for Exporting Highlighted Texts

No matter how you want to edit your PDF, Foxit Reader can never be the wrong choice. It is integrated with many practical tools to help edit your PDFs, including extracting highlights.

The most obvious pro of using Foxit Reader to extract highlighted texts is a one-click export. After uploading a PDF, Foxit can detect highlighted texts and export them in one click to TXT.

The cons are obvious too. To begin with, you can select either one or all highlights to export at a time. Moreover, you can only export the highlights in TXT. Most importantly, Foxit Reader is a desktop-based software that requires a large physical storage room and takes lots of CPU.

If you feel like trying Foxit Reader, here is how to use it to export highlighted texts:

Step 1. Download Foxit Reader to your desktop and then launch it. Open a PDF.

Step 2. Go to Comment > Export. Choose Highlighted Text and export.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader


Now, you have got the 3 easiest ways to export highlighted text from PDF. Sumnotes and Foxit can help you extract all highlighted texts in one go at a minor cost.

PDFgear is free, but it only allows you to copy highlighted texts in PDF manually. Either way has its pros and cons. Pick the method that suits you most.

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