3 Methods on How To Translate a PDF into Any Languages

Last updated on June 19, 2023

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Encountering unfamiliar languages in work collaboration is common nowadays, leading to the need for quick translation of PDF files to improve efficiency. Here are three essential translation tools to help you achieve that.

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To finish your work more efficiently or to make it easier to read, you may also want to translate the content of PDF files into a language you are more familiar with.

Therefore, this article will lay out the detailed steps for you to understand how to translate PDF documents through Google Docs, Google Translate, and Microsoft Word.

How To Translate a PDF With Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a highly compatible document editing tool and management tool. Therefore, when you know enough about its operation, you will find that your work efficiency can be improved at an incredible speed.

It not only supports you to browse and edit PDF, Word, and other various formats but also allows you to add and edit pictures. At the same time, if you have translation work, it can also complete the collaboration.

Step 1. Although Microsoft Word can directly open a PDF file this will let you make mistakes in the final translation.

So you can first through PDFgear online PDF to Word Converter to convert the document and then open it through Microsoft Word.

Convert PDF to Word with PDFgear

Convert PDF to Word with PDFgear

Step 2. Navigate to “Review” in the upper left corner > Click “Translate”. Here you have two options: Translate Selection and Translate Document, so you can select your region for translation or directly translate the whole document.

Navigate to the Translate Button in Microsoft Word

Navigate to the Translate Button in Microsoft Word

Step 3. After you have selected the translation method, you will see a function box on the right side of the browser. You can choose the target translated language and click “Translate” to enter the translation process.

Translate PDF into Microsoft Word

Translate PDF into Microsoft Word

How To Translate a PDF With Google Docs

Google Docs is an online document editor that makes it very easy to collaborate with colleagues. Of course, if you can carefully study the features included in it, then you can find a lot of surprises for you.

You can not only use Google Docs to help with the PDF to Word conversion but also PDF translation. The following are several steps to explain.

Step 1. First, enter the Google Drive web page, and then click the “My Drive” icon to select the following “File upload” for the translation of the file to be imported into the work. When you finish uploading, you will receive a notification prompt in the lower right corner.

Upload PDF to Google Drive

Upload PDF to Google Drive

Step 2. Select the PDF you just uploaded > Right-click the mouse to open the PDF in Google Docs by selecting the opening method.

Open PDF in Google Doc

Open PDF in Google Doc

Step 3. Generally, you can open the PDF file after a few seconds.

Navigate to “Tools” in the upper left corner of the ribbon > Click “Translate documents” > Set the translated document name and the target language in the pop-up window > Click “Translate”.

Translate PDF in Google Docs

Translate PDF in Google Docs

How To Translate a PDF With Google Translate

Google Translate is a very authoritative translator that is loved and trusted by many people. It not only supports translating paragraphs but also supports translating whole documents and web pages.

Step 1. Since Google Translate is an online translator, it is not restricted by any device or system, and you can enter the translation process by looking up the URL as long as there is an Internet.

Enter the Google Translate Translator Webpage

Enter the Google Translate Translator Webpage

Step 2. Above, you can see that Google Translate supports translating text, documents, and websites. So, when you want to translate a PDF, we need to select the middle “Documents”. Then you can see that it supports uploading docx, pdf, pptx, or xlsx file formats.

Click “Browse your computer” to select the PDF you need to translate from local files for uploading. (Please keep your PDF file within 300 pages)

Import PDF to Google Translate

Import PDF to Google Translate

Step 3. Choose a target language from the language bar on the right box > Click “Translate” to do the translation.

After the translation is finished, you can see a “Download translation” button at the bottom right of the file display, click it to download.

Translate and Download PDF via Google Translate

Translate and Download PDF via Google Translate

How to Translate a PDF: FAQs

How Do I Translate an Entire PDF Into Another Language?

If you can only translate short sentences or paragraphs, the workload can be quite substantial. However, Microsoft Word, besides being a document processing tool, also supports opening PDF files. By opening the PDF in Microsoft Word, selecting the “Review” function key, and clicking on “Translate – Translate Document,” you can translate the entire document at once.

How Do You Translate PDF Files on Mobile?

To translate PDF files on your mobile device without a computer nearby, simply access the Google Translate website. Upload the PDF files and choose the desired language for translation.

How To Translate a PDF on Mac?

If you have a Mac device, here’s a method to efficiently translate a PDF. Simply open Google Chrome, visit the Google Translate page, select “Documents”, browse and upload the local PDF document, choose the desired translation language, and initiate the translation.

How Can I Translate a PDF to English for Free?

Because many translation tools or software require payment or have limited free usage periods, it can be uneconomical for individuals. Therefore, being able to translate a PDF into English for free can be extremely helpful. One approach is to open the PDF directly in Microsoft Word and then save the translated text.

Can You Translate a Scanned PDF?

For a scanned PDF file, you can first use PDFgear online converter to convert it into a Word file, and then translate the content with the help of Google Docs.


If you are involved in translation tools or frequently need to work with foreign language documents, translating PDF documents will be a common task for you. In this article, we introduce three proven methods for accomplishing this, and you are bound to discover some pleasant surprises.

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