How to Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone 

Last updated on January 13, 2023

Summary :

You may have to save photos as PDF on iPhone to use for specific purposes at work or study, here are three feasible ways to help you do that.

Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone

There are many scenarios to convert pictures to PDF, for example, some platforms only support uploading ID photos or business licenses in PDF format, etc. Also, creating a PDF document from a bunch of photos can be handy when pictures need to be shared.

If you are looking for a solution to convert pictures to PDF on iPhone, then you have come to the right place. Check this article to learn three free ways to convert pictures to PDF documents on iPhone without downloading third-party software.

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How to Scan the Picture to PDF on iPhone Notes

There was a very handy document scanner built into the Notes app when Apple released iOS 11, and it does a great job of capturing most documents and converting them to PDF. Here are the detailed steps.

Step 1. Scan the picture

Go to the Notes app on your iPhone and tap the Edit icon at the bottom right corner to create a new note. After entering Notes, select the camera icon at the bottom.

Scan Documents on iPhone

Scan Documents on iPhone

In the pop-up option, click to select Scan the picture.

Step 2. Create a PDF document

Upload a picture or take a picture, adjust the position of the frame, and then click Continue to scan to generate the picture as a PDF. When the scanning is finished, click Save in the bottom right corner.

Scan Picture to PDF 

Scan Picture to PDF

Step 3. Save the Picture As PDF

At this point, the picture has been converted into a scanned manuscript in PDF format, and you can click Share in the upper right corner to send it to others. Click Save after scanning the picture to convert the picture to PDF.

How to Create Pictures as PDF on iPhone Using File App

The files program allows you to create PDFs conveniently, but only if you will need to save the pictures within the change program. Follow the step-by-step guide below to save pictures to files, and then create a PDF from the files.

Step 1. Save Pictures to Files

Find the photos you need to convert to PDF in iPhone Photos, and click the Send icon at the bottom left. Select the option of Store to Files below. Click the Store option in the upper right corner to store the photos on My iPhone.

Save Pictures to Files 

Save Pictures to Files

Step 2. Convert a single picture into a PDF

After entering the File app, on My iPhone, long-press the photo. In the options below, select the Create PDF option to create a PDF document from the photo.

Convert A Single Picture into A PDF

Convert A Single Picture into A PDF

Step 3. Convert multiple pictures to PDF

To convert multiple pictures to PDF: Tap More in the upper right corner (the three dots inside the circle), and then tap Select. Tap the three dots, and then tap Select in the Files app on your iPhone. Now tap to select multiple photos, then tap More in the lower right corner and select Create PDF.

Convert Multiple Pictures to PDF

Convert Multiple Pictures to PDF

When storing pictures in a file, make a note of where you saved them so that you can quickly find the saved pictures within the Files app.

How to Batch Convert Picture to PDF Online on iPhone

PDFgear provides an online conversion service that allows you to convert any image to PDF on your iPhone. The batch conversion feature helps you save a lot of time. You don’t need to download any software to occupy your phone’s resources, the whole conversion processing task happens on the web. The safety of your documents Paramount in PDFgear, all the files you upload will be removed from their servers when you close the browser.

Step 1. Upload pictures in PDFgear

Access the JPG to PDF converter from any browser on your iPhone. Click Choose file in the middle of the screen to find the image you want to convert and upload it to the converter.

Upload Pictures to PDFgear

Upload Pictures to PDFgear

Step 2. Convert picture to PDF now

After the picture is successfully uploaded, click the Convert Now button to start the JPG to PDF converting process.

Convert Picture to PDF Online on iPhone

Convert Picture to PDF Online on iPhone

This process can take a while, depending on the size and number of files you convert.

Step 3. Save PDF files to your iPhone

Directly click on the Download button in the middle of the screen, rename your new PDF files and save the files to your iPhone. It’s that simple.

Download the PDF to Your iPhone

Download the PDF to Your iPhone


These three methods introduced above are all equally feasible, and the specific choice depends on individual needs. However, you are highly recommended to try the PDFgear, which accepts input in major formats including JPG, PNG, HEIC, etc. This online tool provides effective support for those users who have batch file conversion tasks. Anyway, we hope this guide will help you convert photos to PDF on iPhone.