How to Convert a Screenshot to PDF on iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac

Last updated on May 31, 2024

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Learn how to instantly convert multiple screenshots to one or more PDFs on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac for free.

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How to Convert a Screenshot to PDF

How to Convert a Screenshot to PDF

Want to quickly and easily turn your screenshots into PDF files? There are a few different ways to do it, including options for Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhones. Every option is free and they’re all effective – although you may not be surprised to learn, PDFgear is our favorite.

How to Convert Screenshots to PDF Online

One of the best free image-to-PDF converters is, a website that offers a complete set of PDF management features. It helps convert screenshots in JPG, PNG (iPhone and iPad screenshots), HEIC, and other image formats to the document format PDF.

The web-based nature of PDFgear makes it compatible with most computer and mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS. PDFgear can also edit PDFs on iPhones and easily make a PDF on iPhones and other devices.

Step 1. Go to Image to PDF Online Converter

Use a web browser on your computer or mobile phone to navigate to the PDFgear Image to PDF Converter tool. It’s completely free to use, and there’s no sign-up.

Go to Online Converter

Go to Online Converter

Step 2. Upload Screenshots to the Converter

Click on the Add File button or drag and drop the files to upload the screenshots to the online Image to PDF converter. If needed, add more screenshots to combine multiple screenshots into one PDF. Then click the Convert button to start the conversion.

Convert Screenshots to PDF

Convert Screenshots to PDF

Step 3. Download the Converted PDF

The image-to-PDF conversion will start automatically. In a few seconds, click the Download button to download and save the converted PDF document on your device.

Download Converted PDF

Download Converted PDF

How to Save a Screenshot as a PDF on iPhone and Android

If you have taken several screenshots on your iPhone or Android phone and want to save them as PDFs, you can either use the PDFgear online image-to-PDF converter or save them into PDFs using various Gallery apps.

We’ll walk you through using the Photos app on your iPhone. The steps for saving screenshots as PDFs on Android are similar, but you use the Google Photos app instead.

Open Photos App on Mobile Phone

Open Photos App on Mobile Phone

Step 1. Open the Photos app, and go to the Album with your snapshots.

Step 2. Hit the upper-right Select button to select the screenshots you want to save as a PDF document, and tap the lower-left Share button.

Share Screenshots from Photos

Share Screenshots from Photos

Step 3. From the Share options, scroll down and select Save to Files to save the selected screenshots into a folder in Files.

Save Screenshots to Files Folder

Save Screenshots to the Files Folder

Step 4. Find and go to the Files folder where the screenshots are stored, and select the screenshots within.

Step 5. Hit the lower-right More button and tap on Create PDF to create a PDF document from all selected screenshots in the same folder.

Create PDF from Screenshots in Files

Create PDF from Screenshots in Files

How to Turn a Screenshot Into a PDF on Mac

Screenshots taken on macOS computers and Macbooks can be easily saved into PDF document format with the inbuilt Preview PDF reader app.

Preview is a PDF viewer app that offers an easy-to-use and practical PDF reading feature, and it can be used for various PDF editing and converting purposes, such as annotating, commenting, converting PDF to Word on Mac, and highlighting PDFs on Mac.

In the following, you can learn how to save screenshots as PDFs on Mac using Preview in simple steps.

Print Screenshots to PDF on Mac Using Preview

Print Screenshots to PDF on Mac Using Preview

Step 1. Locate the screenshot file on your Mac device, right-click on it, and open it with the Preview app.

Step 2. Go to the top-left side on the menu bar, and click on the File tab.

Step 3. From the dropdown menu, hit the Print option.

More Screenshots to PDF Options in Preview App

More Screenshots to PDF Options in Preview App

Step 4. If needed, further customize the output PDF in the Print options window.

Step 5. When you’re ready, hit the lower-right Print button to print screenshots to PDF on Mac with the Preview app.

Don’t forget that you can import multiple screenshots to convert to PDF at one go, too. Just make sure you have opened enough of them from the File tab.

How to Make a Screenshot a PDF on Windows and Mac Offline

If you’re using a Windows or Mac computer without an internet connection, or you’re traveling with a laptop, then a desktop screenshot to PDF converter software is the best way to save screenshots on your computer as a PDF.

PDFgear is the best free PDF converter software on Windows and the desktop version comes with tons of upgraded features that make it worth the install. It’s also completely free.

Free Image to PDF Converter

PDFgear is the best free PDF converter that helps to batch convert images to PDFs without an internet connection

With PDFgear, you can conduct various PDF management works on Windows 10, Windows 11, and Mac computers, such as converting between 60+ image and document formats including JPG, PNG, DOCX, PDF, PPT, Excel, sign on PDF, annotate PDF, merge & split PDF, and more.

And with the batch conversion feature, you can convert multiple screenshots to multiple PDFs at one go.

Open PDF in PDFgear

Open PDF in PDFgear

Step 1. Download and install the PDFgear desktop application. Then launch it and go to the Image to PDF tool from the All Tools section.

Add Images to PDFgear Desktop Image to PDF Converter

Add Images to PDFgear Image to PDF Converter

Step 2. A converter window will then pop up. Hit the Add File button to import the screenshot image files that you intend to change into PDF document format.

Step 3. Batch conversion is supported so you can import multiple screenshots and customize the conversion queue, if you wish.

Step 4. Customize the output file folder and page settings to your preferences.

Step 5. Select the Convert button to start the screenshot to PDF conversion.


How to Save Screenshots as PDFs on iPad?

To save screenshots as PDFs on iPad is the same as saving images as PDFs on iPhone. You should first save screenshots from the Photos app to a Files folder, and then create a PDF with saved screenshots in the Files app.

How to Save Screenshots as PDFs on Windows 7?

To save screenshots as PDF on Windows 7, the handiest method is using the PDFgear online Image to PDF converter, which helps to convert screenshot images to PDF in a web browser without cost.

How to Save a Screenshot as a PDF on Chromebook?

To save a screenshot as a PDF on Chromebook, you can either use an image-to-PDF converter Chrome extension or the free online screenshot-to-PDF converter

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows and Save As a PDF?

On Windows 10 and 11, the built-in screenshot application Snipping tool can take a screenshot in image format. You can then convert the taken screenshots to a PDF document using the online PDF converter PDFgear.

On Mac, use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + 3 to take a screenshot, then use to save it as a PDF.

How to Save Screenshot as a File?

Most screenshot programs and applications like Windows Snipping tool allow you to save your screenshots taken as a JPG or PNG file, and if you want to save screenshots as a PDF or PPT file, the online PDF converter tool PDFgear is what you need.

How to Combine Multiple Screenshots into a PDF

To combine multiple screenshots, the best method is to use the PDFgear online image to PDF converter or PDFgear desktop application, they both support multiple image files as input and allow you to reorder imported screenshots before conversions.


The aforementioned purpose of sending, sharing, and submitting screenshots are only some of the usages of saving screenshots as a PDF, and I believe there are many other probable applications.

Whatever the case, I believe the introduced methods will come in handy, so make sure you’ve learned the skills, follow the tutorial, and give one method a try on your own!

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