How to Convert Handwriting to Text with 3 Easy Methods

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Find effective ways to easily convert handwriting to text, then improve your note-taking efficiency.

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How to Convert Handwriting to Text

How to Convert Handwriting to Text

Handwriting is more artistic than text, which is why many people pursue handwriting fonts. Sometimes, we must convert handwriting into text for easy storage and reading. This article guides you on how to convert it easily.

Moreover, usually editing the text in scanned handwriting is difficult, but with PDFgear, you can easily edit PDF form fields then increases your productivity. Keep reading this article and we will give you comprehensive guidance.

Convert Handwriting to Text Online

If you don’t like to download software, or your device does not have much storage space, it is first recommended that you use PDFgear online converter, a tool that can convert scanned handwriting from PDF files to Word online so that you can leave more storage space for other important software.

Now follow our detailed tutorial below to learn how to easily convert handwriting to text with PDFgear online.

Step 1. Capture clear handwriting text by using the mobile phone camera. Turn on your phone’s camera, aim at the handwriting area you want to convert into text, keep a proper distance, and take a clear photo of the handwriting.

Scan Handwriting to Image

Scan Handwriting to Image

Step 2. Save the photo as a PDF in the Photos app (iPhone) or Gallery app (Android).

Step 3. Go to PDFgear online PDF to Word converter to convert the PDF to Word. Tap the Choose files button.

Convert PDF to Word

Convert PDF to Word

Step 4. Select the handwritten PDF and open it in the PDFgear online PDF to Word converter, then wait for the conversion process.

Step 5. Once “Your file is ready” appears on the screen, tap the Download Button below to access the editable Word document. You have successfully converted handwriting to text and obtained the editable Word file.

Download Handwriting as Word

Download Handwriting as Word

Convert Handwriting to Text with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is another best option for users who want to convert handwriting to text. It stands out for its unique feature of editing existing handwritten text on PDF files and converting scanned PDFs into editable PDFs, which makes it different from PDFgear.

Adobe Acrobat is very convenient for users who want to edit handwritten text and scan PDFs directly. In addition, Adobe Acrobat also has a language selection feature like PDFgear, which means users can convert handwriting in different languages into text.

Follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to convert handwriting to text using Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1. Save the photo as a PDF in the Photos app (iPhone) or Gallery app (Android). According to the method mentioned previously, save the handwriting photos as a PDF in the Photos app (iPhone) or Gallery app (Android).

Step 2. Download and install Adobe Acrobat on your device.

Step 3. Launch Adobe Acrobat and open the handwriting PDF in it.

Step 4. Click the Scan & OCR button on the right side.

Click Scan and OCR

Click Scan and OCR

Step 5. Click the Recognize Text button on the top and click In This File button.

Recognize Text in File

Recognize Text in File

Step 6. Select the language of handwriting PDF.

Select OCR Language

Select OCR Language

Step 7. Click another Recognize Text button next to the Settings.

Recognize Text

Recognize Text

Step 8. Click the Edit PDF button on the right side, then you can edit the PDF files.

Step 9. Click the Files Button on the upper left side then save the handwritten PDF to an editable document.

Copy Handwriting Text from the Image to the Clipboard

Sometimes, users want to copy part of the handwritten text in an image directly to the clipboard and then send it to others or add it to a Word file. In this case, it is recommended to use the PDFgear software’s area OCR feature.

Free Handwriting OCR Software

Accurately extract text from images or PDFs of your handwriting without cost.

PDFgear software’s area OCR feature can quickly help users copy handwritten text from images to the clipboard, improving work efficiency and saving valuable time. Follow this below guide to learn how to copy handwriting text from an image to a clipboard.

Step 1. Download PDFgear software and install it.

Step 2. Launch PDFgear software on your devices.

Step 3. Click the Local File OCR button on the right side.

Local File OCR

Local File OCR

Step 4. Select the handwriting image and open it in PDFgear software.

Detect Language

Detect Language

Step 5. Then the text that can be copied is shown on the right side, note that selecting the language can make the results of the text more accurate.

Step 6. Click the Copy Texts button on the lower right side to successfully copy handwriting text from the image to the clipboard.

Notably, PDFgear software’s area OCR feature will Work best with text content with short length.


How to save handwriting as PDF on mobile?

Adobe Fill & Sign App allows you to take a photo from handwriting and transform it into text content.

For this, you’ll need to download the app on your mobile phone, click Select file, and select the Take a Picture option, take a photo of handwriting, then you can adjust the border to select the best handwriting area.

Take a Photo

Take a Photo

How accurate is handwriting recognition software?

The accuracy of handwriting recognition software depends on several factors, such as the legibility of the handwriting, the quality of the scan or image, and the software’s ability to recognize different writing styles.

Most OCR software performs well with clear, consistent handwriting but may struggle with cursive or irregular styles.

Can I scan handwriting in different languages?

Yes, many OCR software and apps support multiple languages, including non-Latin scripts. However, the accuracy and language support may vary depending on the software you choose.

Always check the supported languages before using the software to ensure it meets your needs.

How can I improve the accuracy of handwriting recognition?

To improve the accuracy of handwriting recognition, ensure that the handwriting is clear and legible, with well-spaced characters and words. Use a high-resolution scanner or camera to capture the image, and make sure the lighting is sufficient to avoid shadows or glare.

Additionally, you can try different OCR software to find the one that works best for your specific handwriting style.

Can I edit the scanned text after conversion?

Yes, most OCR software allows you to edit the text after conversion. You can correct any errors, make changes, or format the text as needed. Some software also integrates with word processing programs, making it easier to edit and format the text.

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