3 Free Methods to Edit A PDF in Word

Last updated on May 29, 2023

Summary :

What to do when you receive a PDF document that needs to be edited. Don’t worry, you can find three ways to edit PDF in Word in this article.

How to Edit A PDF in Word

PDF(Portable Document Format) is a kind of file format, it is a good way to share and store important files. Because of its higher security and smaller size, this document format is widely loved by users all over the world.

By default, the users cannot directly edit the PDF files without a special tool like a PDF editor. However, in different working conditions, the users may need to change the content on the PDF file. Therefore, in this tutorial, we’ll share some methods to meet your needs on how to edit a PDF file.

Editing A PDF in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Word is a practical word dealing software, it was created to run the IBM PC in 1983. Depending on the high working efficiency and less working time, it becomes one of the most popular word editors on Windows PC.

As the main production of Microsoft Office, Word allows users to create and edit word files. If you want to edit a PDF file without third-party software, the Microsoft Word application can be a good choice.

Step 1. Open the target PDF file

Open the Microsoft Office Word application, locate the PDF file you want to edit, then move it to Microsoft Word. Tick “Don’t show this message again” in the popped prompt and click “OK”.

Open PDF on Microsoft Word

Open PDF on Microsoft Word

Step 2. Edit the selected PDF file

In the new window, you can edit the PDF file with the tools provided in the top menu bar.

Edit the PDF in MS Word

Edit the PDF in MS Word

Step 3. Save the PDF file as Word

If you finish editing the PDF file, click “File” and “Save As” in turn. Then, you can rename the file name and the storing path. Finally, select “Word” as the file format and click “Save”.

Using A PDF to Word Converter

Is there another method to edit the current PDF file? Here, we highly recommend PDFgear, this is a professional PDF files manager. With it, you can freely perform PDF to Word, PDF to PPT, PDF to RTF, Image to PDF, and other file format conversions.

It supports most PDF managing tasks on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices, so you needn’t worry about system limitations. In addition, this software support batch conversion file with fast speed. Let’s see how to edit PDF files in Word with the PDF to Word converter.

Step 1. Run PDF to Word Converter

Download and install PDFgear software on your device,

100% Clean & Safe

Open the PDF software, and then click “PDF to Word” in the main interface.

Open PDFgear PDF to Word Converter

Open PDFgear PDF to Word Converter

Step 2. Customize the target file

In a new window, click “Add File”, then select the target PDF file in the folder and click “Open”. When the selected file is listed on the window, set the Output Path and then Word Documents in the “Save As” option.

Convert PDF to Word with PDFgear

Convert PDF to Word with PDFgear

To extract the text from the images on the PDF file and make it editable, you can tick the “OCR” option.

Editing PDF Directly with PDF Editor

If you don’t want to convert PDF to Word, the PDFgear also can play a role. In the bright interface, you can directly edit the target PDF file: not only annotate the added PDF files, but also can insert blank pages, another PDF, Word, and images.

Besides, PDFgear supports setting passwords to protect your PDF files. Let’s go to see how PDFgear edits PDF files  Le’s go and see how PDFgear works on editing a PDF file.

Step 1. Add PDF files

In the main interface, click “Open File” to add the PDF file you decide to edit.

Open a PDF File

Open a PDF File

Step 2. Edit the PDF file

In the new window, click “Edit Text” to edit the target PDF file.

Edit the PDF

Edit the PDF

If you want to annotate the PDF file, you can click “Annotate” in the top taskbar. Then you can easily perform the tools to edit your PDF file.

Step 3. Save the edited PDF file

When you finish editing changes to the PDF, click the Save As button in the upper left corner to save the new PDF file to the specified location.


How to edit a PDF file in Word? In this post, we have shared two methods for you to edit the PDF in Word: the first is to edit PDF with Microsoft Office Word, and the second one is to convert PDF to Word and then edit it in Word application.

Besides, we also recommend a reliable alternative PDFgear to help users better edit the current PDF file. If you want to edit the PDF file without cost, the PDF can be the best option. Go and try to use it.