How to Convert Word to PDF without Changing Font with 3 Ways

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Are you tired of changing fonts when documents are converted into PDFs? No more worrying. We help you learn how to convert Word to PDF without changing the font. You can thus take control of the documents with ease.

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Convert Word to PDF without Changing Font

Convert Word to PDF without Changing Font

When you need to share a document for use on different devices with different configurations and screen sizes, it may be a good idea to look for the PDF font as your preferred one.

However, during PDF to Word conversions, there are many potential issues such as PDF text gibberish, the line breaks in PDF text, and the one we’ll talk about today: the PDF text font changes. In this post, you’ll find the ways to change Word into PDF with the same font.

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Save Word as PDF without Changing the Font

Word in itself has a Word-to-PDF converter option. The Save as PDF feature is the best option that helps you get your Word document converted into PDF. The seamless integration offers an excellent option.

It does not need you to install any dedicated PDF converter, and it also does not require an internet connection. However, it can become a little cumbersome if the Word document contains complex formatting or high-quality images.

Step 1: Open your Document in Word

The step is self-explanatory. You can open Word, and then from the File menu, click on the Open option to open your desired file.

Open PDF in Microsoft Word

Open PDF in Microsoft Word

Step 2: Choose the Save As option 

Go to the File tab on your Word application and click on it. Scroll down to locate the Save As option.

Go to Save As in Word

Go to Save As in Word

Step 3: Choose PDF as the preferred file type

Choose the Save file type as PDF. You can decide on the export option here. Once you are done, click Save. 

Save File as PDF in Microsoft Word

Save File as PDF in Microsoft Word

Print Word to PDF with the Same Font

Aside from saving a Word file in PDF file format, another practical method is by printing PDF to Word. Printing is one of the excellent options to help convert Word documents into flattened PDFs.

In this method, you’ll print your Word document in a lightweight PDF format, with the exact same font. It is quite handy, and it’s better at working with Word documents with complex formatting and images.

Step 1: Open the file in Word 

The first step is similar to the first method. You can simply open the file you want to convert to PDF in Word.

Step 2: Choose Print Option 

Open the File menu and select Print. This is as if you are printing a document.

Go to Print Feature in Word

Go to Print Feature in Word

Step 3: Save your PDF file

Before you can click on Print on the Print dialog box, select the PDF printer. Choose Microsoft Print to PDF. You may also have other PDF printer options like Adobe Printer and others if you have any other PDF tools installed on your system. Click on Print once you are done.

Microsoft Word Print to PDF

Microsoft Word Print to PDF

Convert Word to PDF without Losing Formatting

PDFgear is your one-stop solution for all your PDF management tasks. It offers you a free and versatile PDF converter functionality. The best part about the tool is it converts your Word files into PDFs with no changes in document formatting, images, and alignment.

The batch conversion without formatting loss and no watermark features make it a great tool. The output PDF file can be edited just as you would on Word.

The Best Free PDF Converter

Free convert PDF to or from 20+ document formats in batches, for completely free and without signing up.

Step 1: Choose Word to PDF conversion option

Download PDFgear Desktop, install it, and open it on your device. Choose Convert to PDF from the top bar. Then, choose Word to PDF. 

Go to PDFgear PDF to Word Converter

Go to PDFgear PDF to Word Converter

Step 2: Add the File or Files you want to convert 

Click on Add Files and add the files you want to add up. If you have multiple files to convert, you can add them all in one go.

Add Files to PDFgear

Add Files to PDFgear

Step 3: Conver the file into PDF

Click on Convert, and that does it. Your Word file will be converted into PDF. You can find that the formatting remains untouched. You can change the destination folder if required.

Convert PDF to Word in Batch

Convert PDF to Word in Batch

Why Is The Font Changed After Converting Word To PDF?

There can be several reasons why your fonts change when you convert a Word document into a PDF. Font conversion has been observed to be one of the most common issues that you are likely to face when using a conversion option for Word into PDF.

Some of the most common causes include:

  • The fonts you are using may not be available on your computer.
  • The Word processor itself may not support the font.
  • The document may have embedded fonts, and when converting, they would not be available.
  • The user who receives the document may have a different operating system that does not support the fonts.


Is there a way to preserve the font style and size when converting Word to PDF?

Embedding fonts is one of the best options to help you preserve the fonts when converting Word to PDF. However, it can be a little techy thing to do, and not everyone is familiar with it. Another best option is to use a powerful Word-to-PDF converter such as PDFgear, which effectively preserves the document formatting.

How can I ensure that my Word document will look the same after converting it to a PDF format?

The right option to make a Word file look exactly the same after conversion is to use a tool that can preserve the formatting, layout, and other details. PDFgear desktop app works great in this context. You may also choose to save the Word file as PDF or decide to print it as PDF. However, the printer option may bring weird results if the Word document has complex formatting or high-quality graphics.

Can I convert Word to PDF with the same font online?

Yes, there are several tools that let you convert Word files into PDFs online. PDFgear Online PDF to Word Converter is one of the excellent tools that do the work with no loss of formatting.

In Conclusion

Converting a document into PDF is one of the essential options. This will ensure that the formatting and layout of the document do not change across the devices when it is shared with others.

You can check out the different options to convert Word files into PDF; the best three options outlined above should be quite practical. Of them, PDFgear is one of the excellent choices that beat the cons that most other tools are known to come with. Check it and find the benefits yourself.

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