How to Extract Text from PDF for Free[Mac and Windows]

Last updated on January 2, 2023

Summary :

PDF document processing work, there is always the need for text extraction. Is it possible to extract text from PDF? Sure, it’s not a problem. This article introduces two methods to extract text from PDF, read on for more details.

Extract Text from PDF for Free

Note that after a PDF file is generated, editing it again is difficult. Especially when we need to copy and extract some content of the page, not only can not achieve the purpose of copying, and a successful copy of the text will appear garbled. So many people will be more concerned about how to extract PDF text when using PDF.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Extracting text from PDF is not as difficult as it might seem, you just need to keep yourself on track. Without beating around the bush, let’s explore ways to extract text from PDF on Mac and Windows.

Using OCR to Extract Text from PDF

PDF files are either text-based or image-based. Regarding the image type PDF files, many of them are actually scanned and generated, so these types of files cannot be directly converted to the format. In this case, we need to use the OCR function in order to extract the text from it.

PDFgear software has a built-in “OCR” function, which can help users to select and copy the text of the operation. This software works on Windows and Mac devices and is clean and ad-free. Before we start to perform the operation of extracting text from PDF directly, please click the button below to download and install PDFgear software on your device first.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Open PDF in PDFgear

Launch PDFgear software on your desktop, and click the Open File button in the middle of the main interface. This will take you to File Explorer, select and upload your target PDF document to the PDF editor.

Open PDF File in PDFgear

Open PDF File in PDFgear

Step 2. Extract text from PDF

Click the “OCR” button on the top ribbon, hold down the left mouse button and drag to select the area where you want to extract text, then click the Done button in the small right corner. Thanks to the high-end OCR function, you will be able to extract text from it accurately without any formatting loss.

Extract Text from PDF

Extract Text from PDF

Alternatively, you can also choose to click the “Extract Text” button, which has the same function as OCR.

Step 3. Save the extracted text

A window will pop up to show you the extracted text, and you can choose to copy the text to the clipboard to successfully complete the purpose of extracting the text. Or click the Save button to save the extracted text as a TXT document.

Save the Extracted Text

Save the Extracted Text

The above operation process is relatively simple, and PDFgear itself is a more powerful PDF tool. So it can help users in the work of easy to deal with PDF documents, but also easy to produce beautiful documents, any operation of the document can be completed through PDFgear.

Converting PDF to Editable Text

As we all know, PDF files cannot be edited once they are finished. So another way to successfully extract text from a PDF file is to convert it. For example, change the PDF file to TXT format or to RTF format, so that you can easily achieve the purpose of extracting text.

As a PDF software, PDFgear can convert PDF to Text very well. It has a simple user interface, stable performance, and can help users convert PDF without an Internet connection.

Step 1. Upload PDF files to the converter

Double-click to open PDFgear in its successful installation to your Mac or Windows device, you can see in the home page [PDF to Text Files] option. Click it to open the converter window, and then upload the PDF files you need to convert to Text.

Open PDFgear PDF to Text Converter

Open PDFgear PDF to Text Converter

PDFgear provides a batch conversion function, you can choose to import multiple PDF documents at one time.

Step 2. Customize the conversion settings

Select the path to save the converted file, it is convenient to find the converted Text file later.

Select the Document Language

Select the Document Language

Do not forget to check the OCR button, and then select the document language > click the [Ok] button. If your PDF file is based on the image, then the function can ensure that you can maximize the conversion results are correct.

Step 3. Convert PDF to Text

After confirming that everything is ready, click the Convert button. PDFgear will automatically start to perform the task of converting PDF to Text.

Batch Convert PDFs to Text Files with PDFgear

Batch Convert PDFs to Text Files with PDFgear

After the successful conversion, you can go to the previously selected folder to view the converted files. Then modify the file as needed, you can also extract the text.


The above two PDF text extraction methods can be very convenient to help users extract text from PDF. Whether it is a document-based PDF or an image-based document, the operation of extracting text can be achieved. Not only will not affect the content of the text but also allows users to easily modify the document. So when you want to extract the text from PDF files, PDFgear is your best choice.