How to Edit PDF Image Text: Free and Paid Solutions

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This article offers easy solutions to editing content in image-based and scanned PDFs. Free options are provided.

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How to Edit PDF Image Text

How to Edit PDF Image Text

Plain text PDFs can often appear uninteresting, so inserting images into PDFs to enhance their visual appeal is a good way.

However, it can be a time-consuming task when you want to edit existing text in PDFs with images.

Continue reading to discover how you can edit text within PDF images using both online and offline methods, with options ranging from free to paid solutions.

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How to Edit PDF Image Text for Free

To edit PDF image text, you need a PDF editor with OCR support, and one of the best free OCR PDF editors is PDFgear, allowing you to edit and copy text in image-based PDFs.

OCR technology, which recognizes text within images, plays a significant role in text editing within PDFs. PDFgear has successfully integrated this feature into its platform. Despite offering all features for free, its level of professionalism is on par with other paid software options.

Step 1. Install PDFgear

Download PDFgear and install it on your Windows, Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

PDFgear – Edit PDF Free

PDFgear is a free and user-friendly PDF editor with a full set of features, including text editing, form filling, drawing, image insertion, signatures, and more.

Step 2. Import the PDF

In the “Hot Tools” or “All Tools” tab, click “PDF to Word” > Hit “Add Files” > Choose a PDF from your device (PDFgear supports batch importing).

Add PDFs to PDFgear

Add PDFs to PDFgear

Step 3. OCR the PDF

Set the output path > Check the “OCR” option > Choose the document language > Click the “Convert” button.

Convert PDF to Word

Convert PDF to Word

Step 4. Open the Word

Open the Word document with Microsoft Word or other Word software you prefer. Then you will find that it is possible to edit the pdf image text.

Edit the PDF Image Text

Edit the PDF Image Text

Edit PDF Image Text Online Free

If you don’t want to download any software, PDFgear provides an online version. You can edit PDF image text or scanned PDF text online for free.

Step 1. Upload the PDF to PDFgear

Go to PDFgear online PDF editor > Click “Choose files” > Select a PDF from your device.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop a PDF to the specified box.

Choose a PDF to Upload

Choose a PDF to Upload

Step 2. Erase the Existing Text

To make changes to text within images or scanned PDFs, you can begin by erasing the existing text and then inserting the new text in its original location.

Navigate to “Add or Edit annotations” > Click “Add Shapes” > Choose “Add Rectangle” > Box out the text > Change the stroke and fill color to white out it.

Remove the Text in the Image

Remove the Text in the Image

Step 3. Edit PDF Image Online

Also in the “Add or Edit annotations” ribbon > Click Free Text > Position the text box over the area where you’ve erased the text > Type the text you desire.

Add Text to the Image or Scanned PDF

Add Text to the Image or Scanned PDF

Furthermore, you have the option to modify the text by changing its font, size, and color, applying formatting such as bold, italic, and alignment, and adding features like strikethrough, underlining, and more.

Customize the Text Online

Customize the Text Online

Edit PDF Image Text with Adobe Online

As a pioneer in PDF technology, Adobe Acrobat provides a lot of solutions for all things PDF-related, with a particular emphasis on PDF editing. Whether you’re working with plain PDFs or PDFs containing images, Adobe Acrobat can assist you in easily editing text.

No installation is required with Adobe Acrobat Online, all you need to do is ensure a stable Internet connection and have an active Adobe account before proceeding.

Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Go to Adobe Web. Because the editing feature is paid, you should sign in to your account.

Step 2. Navigate to the Edit Text & Image, click to select and upload a PDF.

Upload a PDF to Adobe Web

Upload a PDF to Adobe Web

Step 3. Click on the Image, and a toolbar for the image processing will appear. Choose the “T” to add text to the images. Furthermore, you can rotate and delete the images.

Edit PDF Image Text in Adobe Web

Edit PDF Image Text in Adobe Web

Adobe’s subscription cost is quite steep, starting at a minimum of $19.99 per month. Furthermore, Adobe does not offer the capability to modify existing text within images. As a result, we’re going to delve into a free solution for editing PDF image text, including the ability to edit existing text. Keep reading to learn more about the details.


How Can I Edit Text from a PDF Image for Free?

You can try PDFgear. Upload the PDF to PDFgear online editor > Locate “Add or Edit annotations” > Erase or hide the existing text > Go to “Free Text” > Add text to the position.

Is It Possible To Edit a PDF Image?

Indeed, you can convert a PDF image into an editable document using an OCR tool to make it editable and then proceed with your edits. Install PDFgear > Click PDF to Word > Import the PDF > Check the OCR option > Set the output path > Click Convert > Open the Word document to edit.

How Do I Edit Text in an Image in Adobe?

You can edit the text in an image with Adobe Acrobat Online: Go to Adobe Web > Click the Edit Text & Image > Upload a PDF > Click the image > Choose the “T” icon to add text.


Three methods have been provided above, offering both online and offline options, some free and others paid. You are free to choose any of these methods to try out. However, considering cost factors, PDFgear is recommended as a better choice. With PDFgear, you can enjoy a professional experience without the need for a subscription.

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