4 Effective Methods to Erase and Delete Text from PDF Effortlessly

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Easily remove, erase, or delete text from PDFs using four methods, including PDFgear’s FREE offline and online tools, as well as Preview and Adobe Acrobat.

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How To Remove Text from PDF

How To Remove Text from PDF

If you come across a PDF file and find some of the content is unwanted or has privacy issues, you may be looking forward to finding ways to remove text from PDFs.

Let us explore the best methods to delete or edit text in PDF just as easy as in Microsoft Word.

How to Remove Text in PDF Offline Using PDF Editor

PDFgear is one such effective PDF editor tool that provides you with one of the most innovative experiences ever in modifying existing text in PDF.

Apart from changing existing text in PDF, it also allows you to highlight PDF, annotate PDF, and even copy text from scanned PDF.

PDFgear – Free to Remove, Delete, and Erase PDF Text

PDFgear is a free PDF text editor for deleting, replacing, adding, and formatting text in your documents.

The tool lets you replace, add, delete, and format text in a PDF file just the way you would on a Word file.

Step 1. Import PDF File Into PDFgear

Download and install the PDFgear app from the official website. Clickon Open File to browsing for and import the PDF file that you want to delete the text.

Open PDF File in PDFgear Desktop

Open PDF File in PDFgear Desktop

Step 2. Choose the Edit Text Option

Once your PDF file is visible to you in the PDF Preview mode, click on Edit on the top menu and then select the option for Edit text. 

Select the Edit Text Option

Select the Edit Text Option

Step 3. Delete Text From the PDF File

Select the text that you want to remove. Once the block of text is selected, tap on the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard.

The prime feature that makes it different from others is it does not create a gap between the deleted and the next text. This is in sharp contrast to other tools where a gap is created by hiding the text, but not removing it.

Select the Text to Delete

Select the Text to Delete

After the text is deleted, the document will look as here below:

Text Deleted

Text Deleted

How to Erase Text from PDF Permanently Online

PDFgear desktop app has been one of the most popular options for enjoying full-fledged PDF editing at its best. However, if you are working on someone else’s computer or need to do work on a PDF on a public computer, using an online PDF editor would be pretty practical.

PDFgear online PDF tool should be the best option to help you how to remove text in PDF. A few other features we liked with the tool include no need for download and registration, guaranteed security, and an option to edit your files from anywhere.

Here is how you can remove text on PDF using  PDFgear PDF text eraser online free:

Step 1. Import a PDF File Into the PDFgear Online Editor

Visit the website for an online editor on any of your preferred browsers. Click on Choose files and browse for your files to add them to the editor. You can also drag and drop your files into the editor.

Open a PDF in Online Editor

Open a PDF in Online Editor

Step 2. Select the Text to Delete

Once the file has been added to PDF Editor, click on the Add or Edit Annotations option in the top right corner. From the toolbar that opens, select the Add Shapes option. From here, choose a rectangle shape and place it around the text you want to delete.

Selecting the Text for Deleting

Selecting the Text for Deleting

Step 3. Cover Text Using a White Color

Select the shape and click on the Change Color option. Choose a white color from the Change Color. That does it, and your chosen color will be whitewashed.

Hide the Text from PDF

Hide the Text from PDF

Unlike on the desktop option, you cannot delete the text from PDF as you would do on Word.

How To Hide Text in PDF with Mac Preview Application

If you are a Mac user, you will find it much simpler and easier to remove text from PDF on your Mac. The Mac Preview application is one of the excellent options that lets you delete text in PDF with a few easy-to-follow steps.

Preview on Mac is not a PDF Editor per se. It does not delete or remove text from a PDF file but can only let you hide the text in PDF so it is not visible. One of the other advantages that you would gain with Mac Preview is that you can easily erase both selectable and scanned text in a PDF.

Here are the steps that you can use for hiding text in PDF using Mac Preview:

Step 1. You can simply launch the Preview app and then open your chosen PDF file in it. That should be the easiest step, as you can open any document or file in the Preview app with ease.

Step 2. Open Show Markup Toolbar. You should find it in the top right corner. In the toolbar, make the border color as None and Fill the color as White.

Open the Markup tool

Open the Markup tool

Step 3. Choose the Rectangle shape from the Shapes menu. Place it on the text or block of text that you want to hide. You can drag it as per your preferences.

Hide Text from a PDF in Preview

Hide Text from a PDF in Preview

Step 4. Click on Save, and the file will be saved.

How to Erase Words on a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

For Adobe Acrobat users, making precise text changes is quick and easy from nearly any device. It offers a fast way to erase words in a PDF document. Follow these steps when you need to delete text from a PDF:

Step 1. Open the PDF file in Acrobat, then click on the Edit PDF tool on the right side.

Select Text to Delete in Acrobat

Select Text to Delete in Acrobat

Step 2. Pick a text block and edit the PDF or erase words with your keyboard.

Delete Text in a PDF in Acrobat

Delete Text in a PDF in Acrobat

Step 3. Delete whole text blocks by clicking Delete when it’s highlighted.

Step 4. Save any changes you make to your PDF.


Is There a Free PDF Text Eraser Tool?

Yes, PDFgear is a 100% free PDF text eraser tool. Simply select the text you want to change or correct the typos.

How Do I Delete Text in a PDF Without Acrobat?

Although Adobe Acrobat is a powerful PDF editing tool, it is not affordable for everyone. That’s why people search for free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for text deletion in a PDF. PDFgear stands out as one of the best options, providing a user-friendly and cost-free solution for text deletion in PDFs.

Is It Possible to Edit the Text in a PDF?

Absolutely, you can edit PDF text for free using PDFgear’s PDF text editor. Easily replace, add, delete, and format text in a PDF file, just like you would in a Microsoft Word document.


Editing a PDF file does not need to be a challenging task. But, it is one of the most important options among the PDF management tools. While you may have multiple options that can help you in editing or removing text from PDF, not everyone among them is user-friendly.

PDFgear is a powerful tool that has proven its mettle in handling text removal in PDF or even a host of other PDF management needs that you may have. Check out the tool and find its efficacy in delivering one of the most excellent experiences ever in how to remove text in PDF files.

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