How to Write on a PDF on Windows[3 Free Methods]

Last updated on March 7, 2023

Summary :

The non-editable nature of PDF files can make it difficult to write on them. However, PDFgear is a solution that allows for editing without any cost or restrictions. To learn more about writing on PDFs, refer to the article provided.

How to Write on PDF on Windows

Because of its stability, security, and convenient transmission, PDF has become one of the most popular file formats for office workers. There are many tools designed for PDF on the market including PDF compressor, PDF converter, PDF reader, and so on. But there are a few tools that can help people write on a PDF. This leads to the that when you suddenly receive a PDF file that needs to be filled in or modified urgently, there is no available method on Windows to face this situation.

This article aims to introduce you to some easy and free ways to write on PDF on Windows, including the use of PDFgear online and offline editing tools, as well as word processing programs.

How to Write on PDF on Windows 10 Online

It’s not that easy to find a compatible PDF editor with excellent performance and a stable operation effect. But here we recommend PDFgear, the best online PDF editor which can help you add text, highlights, comments, and notes, and fill out forms on PDF. And PDFgear is committed to protecting the security of all users’ personal information and document privacy. PDFgear will delete your relevant data immediately after you finish using it, and will not be used illegally by third parties. At the same time, our operation will be automatically drafted to prevent you from losing your document data due to internet connection problems.

Also, with its compatibility, you can use PDFgear on any system like Windows, Mac Linux, Android, and iOS.

Next, please follow the simple steps below to write on PDF on Windows 10.

Step 1.  Upload PDF file to PDF Editor

Navigate to the PDFgear online PDF editor with any browser on your Windows device. Click the button and upload the PDF file to PDFgear. After a few seconds, your PDF file will open on the PDF editor’s main page as below.

Upload the PDF File to PDF Editor

Upload the PDF File to PDF Editor

Step 2. Write on PDF Now

Directly click the “Add and Edit Annotations” button to open the markup tools and click the “free text” icon.

Type on PDF Online

Type on PDF Online

Drag your mouse to add a text box to your PDF, and now you can type words on your PDF file now. You can select font type, size, and color from the formatting toolbar.

Step 3. Download the New PDF File

Once you have finished editing the PDF document, click the Download File button in the upper right corner, which will save the edited file to your device. Go to the download folder to be viewed the new PDF file and use it as you intended.

Download the PDF File

Download the PDF File

During the operation, PDFgear will delete all data and records of your files automatically when you close or refresh the browser, so as to ensure the security of your privacy.

Here’s the video tutorial of detailed specific operation steps and the editing functions’ effects.

How to Write on PDF on Windows 10 Offline

Compared with PDFgear Online Editor, the PDFgear desktop application provides you with more solutions, options, and access. PDFgear desktop will not have the limited file size (20MB) for online work, you can upload larger files and do batch processing. Of course, you can still experience all the advanced features for free without any registration and login. Because PDFgear Desktop is completely free as well as the online side. With this software, you will be able to edit text, resize fonts, and add and remove text and images from written documents. Please click the button below to download PDFgear software for free to your Windows device.

100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Open our PDF editor and upload your PDF file.

Step 2. Text, comments, notes, and drawings can be added to the PDF using the toolbar. You can also highlight, strikethrough, or underline existing text.

Step 2. As soon as you have finished writing on the PDF, click the Save button in the top menu bar. The PDF file can be saved to the specified location with any name you like.

Write on PDF in PDFgear

Write on PDF in PDFgear

How to Write on PDF Using Google Doc

Google Docs can be used to write on PDFs as an alternative to Microsoft Word. To do this, follow the steps below.

Open PDF with Google Docs

Open PDF with Google Docs

Step 1.  Sign in to your Google account and create a new Google Doc.

Go to File, click Open or press the shortcut Ctrl+O to upload your PDF file Click the “Upload” button to add a PDF from your computer, or import your PDF file directly from Google Drive.

Step 2. Click the “Open with Google Docs” icon at the top to open your PDF file.

Now you can start editing your PDF file, click anywhere and enter the text you want. You can change font, style, and size through different options in the top toolbar.

Step 3.  After editing, navigate to the “File” drop-down menu > click the “Download” option > select “PDF Document” to save the edited PDF document on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions about Writing on PDF

Is there a free tool to write on PDF?

Yes, there is! We highly recommend PDFgear which is totally free to you. The PDF editor of PDFgear has a very outstanding performance with sterling functions. You can not only use PDFgear to underline, and highlight your PDF but also can add new text and shapes to your files. All functions are free to all users, and you can use PDFgear unlimited times without even logging in and registering.

How to type on a PDF document for free?

Using the PDF editor of PDFgear can help you to solve this problem. With its powerful functions, you can use PDFgear to type any word you want to add to your PDF text with no cost, watermark, file limits, and privacy risk. Let’s follow the simple steps below to type on your PDF document:

Step 1. Open the editing page of PDFgear

Step 2. Click the blue button to upload your PDF file

Step 3. Click the “free text” icon on the function bar and add a new text box to your PDF content.

Step 4. Now you can type anything you want into the text box.

The Conclusion

Except for editing PDF files, as an all-in-one online PDF tool, PDFgear is born to conquer all PDF issues including reading PDF, compressing PDF, converting PDF to Word, PNG to PDF, PDF to JPG, and so on. Without watermarks, login, file limits, and any cost, PDFgear is the best free PDF online tool for all PDF users to collect.

At the same time, PDFgear also provides a more stable desktop version for users to download. It not only doesn’t need good network conditions but also has more powerful functions and a more stable running speed.