Top 7 AI PDF Translators for Effortless Language Translation

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These 7 PDF translators use AI to help translate PDFs into different languages. We’ve compared their features and the technology they use to help you choose the best AI PDF translator. Begin reading now!

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AI PDF Translator

AI PDF Translator

Translating a PDF manually is a time-consuming task. On average, a translator can only translate 3000 words in 8 hours. It might take days to finish one document.

AI PDF translators can help translate a PDF between any language accurately and effectively. To save you from endless searching and comparison-making, we have listed the top 7 AI PDF language translators.

Let’s check them out!

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PDFgear stands out as a top-notch free PDF translator and editor compatible with Windows 11 & 10, macOS, and iOS, offering unrestricted functionality.

Comparison Table of the AI PDF Translators

AI PDF Translators Supported Language OS Supported Format
PDFgear Over 50 Languages Windows/macOS/iOS PDF Only, But You Can Convert a File in Another Format to PDF with PDFgear
Google Translate 130 Languages Online/Android/iOS PDF, Docx, PPXT, XLSX
DocTranslator 105 Languages Online/Windows/iOS PDF, Word, Excel, PPTX
SmartCAT 275 Languages Online/Windows/macOS/Linux/iOS PDF, Word, Excel, PPXT, XLIFF
DeepL 26 Languages Online/Windows/macOS/iOS/Android PDF, Docx, PPTX
MateCAT 200 Languages Online PDF, Docx, PPXT, XLSX and 80 more file formats
SDL Trados 52 Languages Windows, macOS PDF, Docx, PPXT, XLSX and 80 more file formats


PDFgear can provide you with brand-new PDF translation experiences using AI. Simply upload a PDF, whether it’s a research paper or a book, then input a prompt like ‘translate this content into Spanish for me’ and copy the desired text for translation.

Soon, you’ll be able to read the document in your preferred language. The results are quite satisfying, as AI continues to develop and improve translation quality.

And don’t worry if you only have a scanned PDF. PDFgear can help convert the image into editable text using OCR technology and then translate it.

PDFgear AI PDF Translator

PDFgear AI PDF Translator

Other AI-related Features of PDFgear

  • Summarize a PDF: Get all key points of your PDF without reading it thoroughly in seconds.
  • Chat with PDF: Answer all your questions about the PDF content with the most advanced language processing model – ChatGPT 3.5.
  • Edit the PDF Through Any Prompt with the Help AI: It is always easier to say than be done. Tell PDFgear Copilot what edit you want to make and let it finish the task.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a popular choice for online, free AI PDF translation. It supports 133 languages and employs NMT (neural machine translation) to ensure high-quality translations. You can easily use it for instant, accurate translations.

Simply copy and paste the content into the window, or upload the entire document as long as it’s less than 10 MB. Even if you only have a printed PDF, there’s no issue – just upload a photo, and Google Translate will extract and translate the text for you.

Google Translate

Google Translate


DocTranslator is an AI-powered translator that supports over 100 languages, with ongoing development to add more. A standout feature is its ability to preserve the original formatting and layout of PDFs, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

However, there are limitations: translations are capped at 1000 words and one document per day. Additionally, users can only view a watermarked translation of one page, and registration is required.




Translating a PDF with Smartcat is straightforward. Visit, upload your PDF, choose the source and target languages, and you’ll receive the translation promptly. The OCR feature even allows you to translate text from an image.

Smartcat is a translation platform that combines AI and human translation effectively. It utilizes top translation engines to provide accurate results in 280 languages.

Additionally, it offers an integrated marketplace with over 500,000 translators, proofreaders, and agencies, ensuring you receive the best translation service.

Smartcat AI Translator

Smartcat AI Translator


DeepL claims to be the world’s most accurate AI PDF translator, available online and on Windows desktop, Android, and iOS devices. It keeps pace with leading deep learning companies and sets high standards for document translation accuracy.

Many users believe it can outperform Google Translate. Simply copy and paste text or drag and drop a PDF into DeepL to give it a try.

However, DeepL supports only 31 languages, and you’re limited to translating 1500 characters per session, with a maximum of three documents per day.

DeepL AI Translator

DeepL AI Translator


Matecat is an open-source online AI-assisted CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tool. It allows anyone to translate PDFs for free, regardless of size or quantity. After years of development, it now supports over 100 languages and is powered by Google Translation for reliable results.

You’ll appreciate Matecat for its enhanced security and collaboration features. Translation projects in Matecat don’t require emailing or data sharing. If you prefer manual translation with teammates, you can split and manage the project directly within Matecat.

Matecat AI Translator

Matecat AI Translator

SDL Trados

SDL Trados is software that provides a comprehensive, centralized environment for editing, reviewing, and managing translation projects. Its core feature is Translation Memory, allowing you to reuse previously translated content throughout your projects.

Although SDL Trados is designed for professional translators, don’t be discouraged. You can still use it to translate PDFs. This top-notch translation software utilizes the latest AI-assisted NMT (neural machine translation), ensuring high-quality machine translations.

Additionally, SDL Trados is available both on desktop and online, allowing you to check PDF translations anywhere, anytime.

SDL Trados AI Translator

SDL Trados AI Translator


What is the best AI tool for translation?

There are many dependable AI-powered PDF translators on the market, making it challenging to determine the absolute best one. However, popular options include PDFgear, Google Translate, and DeepL.

How to translate an entire PDF into another language?

To translate a whole PDF into another language, we recommended you to use PDFgear. Download PDFgear onto your device.

Step 1. Open the PDF you want to translate using PDFgear.

Step 2. Find and open the AI tool.

Step 3. Ask the AI chatbot to translate the entire PDF.

Step 4. PDFgear will start translating and give you the translated text.

Is there AI in Google Translate?

Yes, Google Translate uses AI. It’s been using AI to get better at translating through a method called NMT (neural machine translation). And they keep adding more AI features, like translating in context and translating from images.


Above are the 7 best AI PDF translators to go. They are all utilizing AI to provide you with the best translations possible. Try them and see which one works best.

Since AI is evolving, this list may expand or change. Do remember to come back often and check the latest list of the best AI PDF translators.

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